Want a Cloud Computing business ?

Did you hear Cloud Computing ? If you don’t know the tech of Cloud Computing, do you want a Cloud Computing business ?

Let’s learning sth. about Google Apps Authorized Reseller Program

What is the Google Apps Authorized Reseller program and how does it work?

Take a look at the short video for a program overview. Then browse this web site for more on the business opportunity, the program requirements and benefits, and the roles you and Google play in the customer relationship. If this all sounds right, then get started by applying here.

Can we make money? Since Google Apps is so affordable for our clients, doesn’t that mean less margin for us?

While the per user list price of Google Apps is likely much lower than the cost of your clients’ existing systems, that doesn’t mean a lower total margin for you. The change in paradigm to SaaS and the constant incremental improvements from Google mean a wealth of new recurring revenue opportunities for resellers, integrators and other solution providers.

Businesses of all sizes are looking into how these products can best fit into and enhance how they work. From business process consulting on Google Apps adoption, to worry-free management of the application services, to comprehensive end user and administrator support &ndashh; deep knowledge of our product and interfaces will offer you new revenue opportunities at a fraction of the overhead cost you’re accustomed to. Also deployment, data migration, change management, and systems integration projects should fit into your business just as they do today. In fact, because Google Apps is so affordable, customers have more budget for additional valuable services from you.