Undo Sending Your Gmail

People sometimes sent an email to a wrong address, you could not cancel the sending before and even now for most of email providers. But now there are some email providers provide a special Undo Sending function, such as Gmail, and China’s QQ email.

Here we introduce how to undo sending in Gmail.

1: Login to your Gmail, and choose the Settings item by clicking the top right gear icon


2: On the settings page, choose Labs menu from top menus:


3: Now Labs settings page opened, input “undo send” in the Search text box and you will see the Undo Send Labs shown right away, check on Enable to enable Undo Send feature for your Gmail, then click Save Changes button to save the setting.


4: After you click Save Changes button, the settings will exit and you will be accessed to your Gmail income box, now you might to change the Send cancellation period since its default value is 10 seconds.

5: Click the gear icon to go to Settings again. Now you will see the Undo Send section was added under General tab, you can change Send cancellation period and also enable / disable it here. The maximum cancellation period in 30 seconds at present.


After you changed the cancellation period, please do not forget to click Save Changes button to save the setting on the bottom of the web page.

6: Now you can try to send an email to test the Undo Send function. after you send an email, you will see a Undo link in the top popup message as long as it is in the period of cancellation which you have set.


7: If you click Undo now, you will see a message on the top “Sending has been undone.”, also your sent email was “retrieved back” without sending out.

China’s QQ email has similar Undo Sending function. But we do not know their difference now. We just know Gmail’s Undo Sending function is actually NOT retrieve back your email, but just hold your email in the cancellation period, after the period expired, your email will be sent out and never want to be cancel.