Tips for Ordering Tires and Rims from Costco

In Canada, people like to buy vehicle tires especially winter tires from Costco since they could have discount prices, also Costco always offer great services. But when you go to their stores, you might realize that is not all stores have your tires in stocked. So you will have to search and order from their website.

1: Tire webpage:

Costco’s tire webpage is here.

The tire webpage provides enough functions, customers can be easily to get their tires follow steps. Here we do not want to spend extra time to discuss the tire web pages.

Please know you might ONLY be able to order tires from above webpage, if you need rims, you will have to search rim separately.

2: Order Rims:

Firstly, please read the following notice which is from Costco website:

All wheel orders must be shipped to the member’s home address or business, all orders with a ship-to warehouse address will be shipped to the billing address instead. Only tire orders are shipped to the warehouses.

Also, if you want to find out the right rim for your vehicle, you will have to take extra cares to read more information, yes, Costco website provided those information, but you will have to find out them by yourselves.

For example, you can search out the steel wheels like this one:



The page providing multiple rim sizes and models, but you can not see each model matches which vehicle model directly, you will have to find the Fitment Guide, which is put behind a link which is on the right bottom cornel.

3: Get the Right Wheels for Your Vehicle:

First you should know your vehicle’ tire and rim size, normally you can find the information from the sticker which is closed to your car door.

The following is a sample: Front tire and Rear tire have the same size: 225/65, the R17 indicates the rim size which is 17” rim:


After you get your rim size, then please download this Here is the link of Fitment Guide pdf file , for you to find further information of the right wheels for your vehicle.

Here is an example:

If we have a Toyota RAV4 2017, we got rim size is 17” due to above information, then we open the pdf file and search RAV4, find the right year, and we can see the 17” rim is “X99139N” and “X99715N”, the hub centric is recommended, so we select “X99139N”


Then we can continue to finish the rim order;