The domain name “” dropped but caught by other person ?

There was a group named “Sponsor Your Parents” in Canada, this group focus on helping people sponsor their parents to immigrant to Canada.

They had a official website using domain name, however, we found this domain name direct to a advertisement web page which let people click the advertise links to earn money.


Seems the domain dropped in 2011 but the group members did not recognized, then the domain caught by other people.

The following is the current domain owner information:


Domain name status:registered

Creation date:2011/03/11

Expiry date:2012/03/11

Updated date:2011/06/06

Registrar name: DomainsAtCost Corp.

Registrar number: 45


More detail information (this information copied and took screen shot from Canadian .ca domain whois server, it is public information which everybody can see):