Release Physical Disk Space After Deleting MySql Table

(update on March 04, 2016) Our WordPress blog sites got countless junk comments often. The big amount of junk comments were saved by WordPress into database automatically and caused MySql data tables large sized.

We could delete junk comments manually, or we install some plugins to help us, for example the plugin Akismet can protect our site from spam. It is a default and recommended plugin in newer edition of WordPress. However, no matter which way, if you set you will review all comments manually, the junk comments will still occupy your database space, your data tables are still huge. So, what you can do is deleting useless comments manually one by one or use another “rude” way which is deleting all records from comments data table.

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How to Move Posts from a Category to Another Category WITHOUT Plugin in WordPress

We mentioned we created too many categories on our WordPress blog site since we kept posting in passed 10 years but did not have good time to maintain entire website structure. Now we have to finish multiple tasks. Cleaning up existing categories is the one of important tasks.

Our current WordPress edtion is 4.4.2 which is the newest one currently. We thought it has already provided the Category moving function but actually it did not.

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Delete a WordPress Category Will Delete Posts under It ?

Sometimes we realize we have created too many categories in a WordPress blog site since several years passed. So we want to remove part of categories, but how about our posts which have been set to under the category ? Will they be deleted with the category ?

The answer is No. you can delete a WordPress category, but your posts which related will be kept, but the posts will be move to the default category automatically.

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Change Theme Using Child Theme in WordPress

I often select an existing WoredPress theme for my blog website, but normally I will NOT use the theme completely, I will change something in the theme due to my own requirement and my own style.

How I changed theme is using WordPress child theme mechanism: it is easy to understand, a child theme, it is a theme which can cover the original theme, but you do not need to write entire theme. The advantage is I also do not affect original theme, I do not need to change original theme directly.

For a child theme, you just create or copy the theme files to another folder which named like “xxx-child” (Note: all theme files located the folder wp-content/themes, the child theme folder also should be in this folder), you use the same file names, and change code in those files:


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Changed Theme for New Platforms

We changed site theme in last weekend, just for new platforms such as mobile, tablets. Because there are not only desktop and laptop in current world.

Actually we are waiting for better theme so that we can modify theme to our own style. Current theme is not enough perfect for new platforms.

Links about First Load Web App on IIS

If you used IIS server or Windows Hosting, you might know an annoying problem that if your website not be visited for while, the next visiting needs longer loading time, you have to wait up to over 60 seconds if your hosting is not good. This is because IIS has a feature for low traffic websites it recycles unused worker processes.

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WordPress Twenty Eleven CSS Width

Twenty Eleven WordPress theme is another popular free theme which was released by WordPress team. We can adjust the screen by change css file.

Here is a requirement about adjust width, for example, we need to increase the width of right sidebar (include Widget width), and decrease the distance between content and right side widget, also, decrease the left margin of content, and right margin of widgets. also, if we will, we can increase the width of content.

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