Major Differences between Miracast and Chromecast

Miracast: Miracast is stlll a kind of Wi-Fi, but uses Wi-Fi Direct connection, with W-Fi Display technology, the Miracast defines a protocol to enable a device to wirelessly connect to an external monitor, mostly is a TV.

Because of Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast device, such as Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, allows a smart cell phone with Miracast feature supported to transfer video and audio signals to a TV or a monitor directly, without other network control device help such as a router.

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7- Eleven Speak Out Wireless (7-11)

Are you using Bell or Rogers wireless service if you are in Canada ? Maybe you are, but do you think their service and charging fee are reasonable ?

I could not understand why Rogers and Bell wireless charge some small piece of service such as calling ID display. The calling ID display is always free in Asian countries, but Rogers charge even $5 + tax each month for it ! I think their are crazy and stuXX ! Don’t they know this bad policy will lost lots of customers ?

OK, forget about Rogers and Bell, you can find other solutions for your wireless service, internet, and TV .

Here I tell you a good wireless service:  7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless.

7-Eleven SpeakOut wireless plan that’s no plan at all. Buy the phone. Buy the time. Start talking. And texting. No monthly bills. No contracts. No commitments. No strings attached. You pay only for what you use, which is particularly good for students, families, seniors and anybody who’s on a budget.

Current promotion:

* New promotion starting August 16, 2010: free Nokia 1661 with SIM with $100 airtime purchase
* 2500-message text bundle: $10 a month
* $20 off any phone when you purchase a $50 airtime voucher
* $0.20 effective per-minute rate with $75 and $100 vouchers is over. All vouchers now give a local rate of $0.25 per minute.
* Unlimited browsing for $10 a month — forum thread here
* Text messaging rate change: 10 cents outgoing and free incoming — forum thread here

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And also, you can apply your referral code and tell somebody else who is going to buy 7-eleven, if he used your referral code, both of you can get $10 airtime.

The following content copied from 7-eleven official site :

Customer Service: 1-866-310-1023 or dial 611 on your SpeakOut phone (FREE Call), and press 1 to speak to a Customer Service representative.
Account Information: *777 on your SpeakOut phone (FREE Call)

SpeakOut rates?

Airtime Rates
25c/minute for both outgoing and incoming local calls.*
Voucher Cost    Rate per Minute     Airtime Minutes
$25.00              25 cents                  100
$50.00              25 cents                  200
$75.00              25 cents                  300
$100.00            25 cents                  400
All SpeakOut top-ups are valid for 365 days from date of activation.

How do I check my airtime balance and or airtime expiry?
Dial *777 and press send to retrieve your account information – always a FREE call.

How do I add airtime to my SpeakOut Wireless account?
Airtime vouchers can be purchased in $25, $50, $75 and $100 dominations at your local 7-Eleven store. To activate airtime vouchers from your SpeakOut Wireless phone, dial *888 and follow the prompts. Have your SpeakOut Airtime voucher ready when calling.

How much do I pay for text messaging?

Outgoing Text Messages:
10c to Canadian Wireless Numbers
10c to US Wireless Numbers
35c to International Wireless Numbers

Incoming Text Messages:
FREE regardless of the originating Wireless Number

Text Bundle – NEW!

$10/month gets you 2,500 outgoing text messages* and as always, incoming messages are free! Visit a 7-Eleven store to purchase a text message bundle and get texting.

Unlimited Browsing

How much does it cost to use the web browser on my phone?

Unlimited browsing $10/month (includes all applicable taxes).

To add this great feature, just dial 611 from your handset and talk to customer service. The $10 fee will be automatically deducted from your airtime balance each month.* See Phones for data-capable devices.

* To cancel this feature you must call customer service as it automatically renews each month. If your SpeakOut airtime balance drops below $10.00 and SpeakOut cannot collect the funds at the time of renewal, the Unlimited Browsing feature will be removed from your account.

Will I be able to keep my existing phone when I make the switch to SpeakOut Wireless?
No, you will need to purchase a new SpeakOut Wireless phone. See Phones for phone costs.

Can I port my existing Pre-Paid or Post Paid wireless number to SpeakOut Wireless?
Yes. But before considering a switch, you should ensure that your phone number is still active with your existing service provider. Please also note that any unused airtime minutes cannot be carried over to SpeakOut Wireless.

Can I use any GSM phone with SpeakOut Wireless Service?

You may be able to use 850/1900 Mhz phones with SpeakOut Wireless Service, but 7-Eleven does not support Non-SpeakOut Wireless phones. Features such as voicemail, Text Messaging, and Wireless Web may not work with Non-SpeakOut Wireless phones.

Can I purchase a SIM card without a phone?
No. SpeakOut Wireless Service is available only with a handset purchase.

Above from 7-eleven official site .