Manage Your Child’s Account in Windows 10

If you used Windows 8.1 you might have experience to control your children’s account when use the computer. But when you upgrade to Windows 10, you might realized the Windows 10 does NOT have the way to control your Children’s local Windows account, the previous settings for Child account control stuff gone. I don’t know why Microsoft removed the Local account control from Windows 10, but we have to accept the changing, so let’s start how to manage your children’s account.

1: You should have a Microsoft account, use any of your email, and register as a Microsoft account, it is easy, just sign up on with your email, no matter Microsoft email, or gmail, or yahoo mail, any email can be registered as a Microsoft account;

2: Login


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Create a bootable USB from Windows OS .iso file

Fewer and fewer users buy a Windows OS CD or DVD disk to install Windows system now. We normally have a .iso file which was downloaded from official website. If we have virtual machines, we can use .iso file directly to install Windows system without any other media like CD, DVD or USB. However, if you install new system onto a physical PC, mostly you will have to convert the .iso file to CD / DVD or USB, or other portable storage but you will have to make sure the storage can be made to a bootable device.

Since USB drive is more convenient than other devices. so here we have a case to use .iso file to make a bootable USB drive and install new system from USB drive.

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How to Not Going to Sleep When Close Laptop Lid in Windows 8

Lots of people like to use a laptop and connect it to a separate big monitor since the laptop screen is small.

But, I found there are still many users don’t know they could close their laptop lip and keep the external monitor work (the laptop is still working even closed lip), they just let the two screens open at the same time. It is OK, but not that convenient, why you have to use dual screens since you will never want to the laptop screen.

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Quick Launch a Program in Windows 8 Desktop

Windows 8 does not have a start button, or even there is a start button in Windows 8.1, but it is still different with Windows 7, you can not find a program directly using start button.

So if you are in Windows 8 Desktop (not in start screen), you will find it is not that convenient if you want to use a program, for example, you want to use paint tool now, how can you do ?

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