Windows 7 System Backup

We used some 3rd party software to backup our Computer OS system or disk images before. Windows 7 provides nice Backup and Restore function, so we can use it, also it provides system image backup feature. If we do not other special requirement, we can directly use Windows 7 backup and restore function.

We might have done the backup and restore before but we could not find, so this time let use record the entire Windows 7 backup process:

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Update Old Dell Laptop BIOS Whatever It Supports Win 7 or Not

For some Dell computers, old, actually not that old, such as Dell Studio 15xx laptop, released around 5 years ago, some of them only were recommended to install Windows XP and Windows Vista, not recommended to install Windows 7, like Dell Studio 1535.

However, Dell Studio 1535 still can run Windows 7 well, maybe there is only very few hardware can not work in Windows 7 system, but for us, we never found anything could not work after we installed Windows 7, at least for our daily works, the Windows 7 on Dell Studio 1535 is OK, no problem.

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How to Uninstall IE 9 on Windows 7 ?

There are some reasons which lead you want to uninstall IE9, for example: like us, we found there were some issues when we use IE9, we wanted uninstalling IE9 and install it again to see what would happen.

However, Maybe you have found that uninstalling IE9 on Windows 7 is not simple. Because you can not use a normal uninstalling way to uninstall it, because you can not find IE9 on the installed program list in Control Panel.

Actually you can see the IE 9 on the Windows feature list, but you still can not uninstall it, you can only Disable it:


Even you check off the Internet Explorer 9, the IE9 will be still in system, when you try to install a IE 9 new package, you will find you can not install. because you will see the error message:

Setup can’t continue because a more recent version of Internet Explorer is installed on your computer.


So do we really have method to uninstall IE 9?


1: Go to Control Panel, and open Uninstall a program window


2: Click “View install updates” on the left panel:


3: you will see the window of Uninstall an update (this is not uninstall program, but for update), on the right top Connor search item, you input “internet”, and then you can see Windows Internet 9 displaying under the list:


4: Right click Windows Internet Explorer 9, you can see Uninstall menu,:


so now you will see the process of uninstalling IE9, just follow the step to uninstall.


5: You have to restart your computer after IE 9 uninstall.

Find Your Windows 7 Original Install Date

Do you want to know when you installed your Windows 7 at first time?

Go to your Windows command and input “systeminfo”, that is, you will not only get your original install Windows 7 time, but also you can see other system information. (BTW: you can not see the original install time through your Windows Control Panel system information)


Open .ISO Image File in Windows 7

When you use Windows 7 instead of Windows XP, you might need a new virtual CD tool which can open disk image file such as .iso file.

By now the best free tool is Virtual CloneDrive, which you can download it from their official site down load page here.

Note: The last one is the free one which we are talking about:

Virtual CloneDrive (Freeware)     2011-03-06     1551 kB

So the exact download address is this one.


After you install, every time when you right click someone .iso image file, you will see the mount image file menu item as the following:


How to Search Files in a Folder in Windows 7

In Windows XP, If you want to search files or sub folder in a folder, just right click this folder and select “Search” menu item, or there is a search menu items on the left screen.

But, when you try to do the same task in Windows 7, you can not see this menu item any more, so how can you search a file or files in a folder ?

Actually, the search function is still available, but it is no more a menu item. It is a direct Searching Box:


The searching box is located at right-up corner in a explore windows.

When you input any letter in the searching box, the searching function will work right away.

Change Product Key on Office 2010

We can install Office 2010 for free to trial using in some days, After the free period passed, how are you going to do? If we buy product key, how can we apply the product key without re-install Office 2010 ?

Office 2010 does not provide a direct user interface to let user input product key. They just provides a activate UI such as phone call service in Word 2010 Help menu.

We should go to Control panel to find the solution.

Go to Control Panel in Windows 7, try to uninstall Office 2010, but we are not going to uninstall actually, we right click “Microsoft Office Professional 2010” and choose “Change” option:



Then you can see the following window, there is an option: Enter a Product Key.


Now input your Office 2010 product key, if your product key is valid, System will continue to install something which is like the following screen.



After installation finished, your product key updated done also.

Where is Telnet in Windows 7 ?

We have a device which using Linux system installed inside, there is a program which we need on this device, it running on Linux. Now we need to modify this program, but there is no monitor and keyboard connected to this device, actually this device is a small media box, we have to use another Windows computer to access it and modify the program, we use a tool named Telnet on Windows.

Telnet is a network protocol used on the Internet or local area networks to provide a bidirectional interactive text-oriented communications facility using a virtual terminal connection. User data is interspersed in-band with Telnet control information in an 8-bit byte oriented data connection over the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). – from Wikipedia

When we used Windows XP, there were no any problem, however, when we try to run telnet on Windows 7, we got the following error message:

‘telnet’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.


What is the problem? We checked MSDN and got the reason: telnet is not enable on Windows 7:

“Telnet Client is not installed by default on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista, or Windows Server 2008.”

To install telnet on Windows 7. we should set in control panel:


Then select “Turn Windows Features on or off”:


You might need to wait for some time when system program list loading, when the list come out, scroll down, you will find Telnet Client and Telnet Server, here we just need Telnet Client, so we just check on Telnet Client:


After you check on, click the OK button, then you will see Windows 7 process the telnet program installation:


After the installation, you will find you can use Telnet now:


Just Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 7 SP1

Seems Windows 7 SP1 released in Feb 2011, but we never upgraded Windows 7 until today. The first reason is we wanted to try Windows 7 before since we upgraded system from Windows XP. We did not know how we can familiar with Windows 7, also we did not know how our old program or application can work on Windows 7; the second reason is we don’t know how the Windows 7 SP1 version, we were worried about SP1 might cause lots of problem just like some SP1 version of some system.

Today, we saw there were more and more update messages in our Windows 7 update management interface. so we decided to update the system.

First, Please remember backup your current Windows 7 !


Then, just update, the update management program downloaded all update package firstly, then update the system automatically, but you have to wait at least 1 hour especially for the Windows 7 SP1 update process. 


How to Change Computer Name in Windows 7

There is some differences with Windows XP when you change the computer name in Windows 7.

Go to Start, select Computer and right click Properties:


Click Change Settings in properties windows:


Please note the upper space textbox is not for computer name, it is for computer description, If you want to change computer name, please read bottom section which is for rename the computer or its domain or workgroup. Click Change… button


Now you can see the place to change your computer name, and also change domain and workgroup names.


After you changed names, click OK button , and system will ask you to reboot system. You have to reboot.