How to Use Cortana on Windows 10 in Canada ?

We know in earlier editions of Windows 10, Canadian could not use Cortana by default since Cortana did not support Canadian English language. About in November of 2015, Microsoft released newer Windows 10 updating edition, which started to support Canada English in Cortana.

However, there are still many Windows 10 users do not know how to enable Cortana module on Windows 10, Because Windows 10 still does not give users a clear and friendly user interface. When we set Cortana, we might always get confusing.

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A Case of Laptop Boots Failed with 0xc0000001 Error Code

There are different cases we get the Error code 0xc0000001, which normally are related hard disk errors.  But, this kinds of disk error could be fixed using some solutions unless you get very critical error.

We got a failure which was from our laptop booting once time with the error code 0xc0000001, after multiple tries which the Windows system prompted. We finally resolved the issue WITHOUT format our computer or re-install Windows system. The following is our handling process. It could be one of your information if you get the same issue with same error code.

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Windows Laptop: No Speaker Sound After Connect to External Monitor using HDMI ?

(Updated in March 03, 2016) Sometimes we get issues on computer speaker sound, the one case is when you connect the laptop to an external HDMI monitor.

The main content below was written in Jan 20. 1990;

The last time we talked about how laptop connects an external monitor using HDMI and without lip keeping on open.  However, you might find you could not listen to music through the laptop speaker after you connected.

Why does the Speak not Work after Connecting to external Monitor ?

The reason is that if you connect the laptop to external monitor using a DHMI cable, Windows (at least in Windows 8.1) system will set the sound playback device to the external monitor by default since it found the HDMI cable which suppose both of Video and Audio should be transferred,  Windows see the external monitor as the main audio device.

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How to Disable Laptop Touchpad When USB Mouse Present

When we use laptop with an external USB mouse connecting, the touchpad of laptop is enabled by default. During your typing the touchpad might break your works because your motions of fingers might cause the touchpad affecting or because of your fingers touching the touchpad causes messing your inputting.

So we want to disable the laptop touchpad when we have an external USB mouse present since we do not need the touchpad to work.

We have an article Disable Dell Studio Laptop Touchpad on Windows 7 previously. Today we are going to show how to set on Windows 10.

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How to Avoid Laptop Go to Sleep When Close Lip on Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7

Sometimes we need our Windows 10 laptop (Including 8.1/8/7) to keep working even we closed its lip. Almost all laptops set going to sleep when the laptop lips are closed by default, most of tablets are doing same way.

The main reason is for power saving, also Windows system set a sleep mode to save other resources which are related laptop hardware.

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How to Sign in Windows 10 Without a Password ?

Windows 10 provides 2 sign in ways to enter system: the one is using your Microsoft Account, another one is local account;

If you use Microsoft account, you can NOT sign in without a “password”, you can choose other sign-in options such as picture or a PIN, but they are still a “password” for sign in;

If you want to sign in without password, you have to use Local Account way.

The following steps are for the case of sign in without password:

1: If you are using Microsoft account sign in, switch to local account sign in first:

Settings –> Account –> Your email and account (or Your account) –> Sign in with a local account instead.

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Manage Your Child’s Account in Windows 10

If you used Windows 8.1 you might have experience to control your children’s account when use the computer. But when you upgrade to Windows 10, you might realized the Windows 10 does NOT have the way to control your Children’s local Windows account, the previous settings for Child account control stuff gone. I don’t know why Microsoft removed the Local account control from Windows 10, but we have to accept the changing, so let’s start how to manage your children’s account.

1: You should have a Microsoft account, use any of your email, and register as a Microsoft account, it is easy, just sign up on with your email, no matter Microsoft email, or gmail, or yahoo mail, any email can be registered as a Microsoft account;

2: Login


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