Downloading Proxy Script Caused Web Browser Stuck

Recently we found our Chrome web browser looks like slower than usual when we tried to open a web page, it was stuck in the first 20 or 30 seconds, or even few minutes when visiting websites but after that the speed could be back to normal. We see there is a message “Downloading proxy script…” (sometimes the message is “Resolving proxy…”) in the bottom left corner of the web browser.

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Where is the Cookie File ?

Here the cookie file is the ‘cookie’ which is generated by web browsers. When we visit websites, we use web browser, no matter your pc web browser, or your mobile phone browser, all browsers normally need a cookie file to store some information on your local pc, but, the web browser need your permit to generate cookie file.

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How to Display Goolge Drive’s Images in Web Page

We posted How to Display OneDrive’s Images in Web Page, we think Microsoft’s OneDrive can be a good choice for storing image files and using its great technology to generate embed image HTML code. That kind of result is just what we wanted, it is very good to embed images in our blog articles.

Now we are going to try another popular Cloud Storage Service giant, Google Drive.


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How to Display OneDrive’s Images in Web Page

We often need images in our web pages such as in our blog articles. One image could win hundreds description type text in an article; It presents out the topic directly and clearly, and readers can understand the topic easily.

Normally bloggers submit several images with text together in an article onto blog site hosting server, which could store the text and related images files tightly, avoid missing the image files. However, in some cases we can not let image files stay with our blog article or web page content together, or we do not need to.

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Web browsers in 2016, Chrome or IE with Edge ?

Which web browser are you using now ? Which web browser do you use often ? Did you realize your computerize works’ habits have been changed a lot quietly ? For example, you might already changed your default web browser ?

What Web Browser did You Use Before ?

There are several major web browsers in this world currently:

IE (Microsoft)
Chrome (Google)
Firefox (Mozilla)
Safari (Apple)
Opera (Opera)
Edge (Microsoft)

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Using Google Translate When Reading Online without Switching Tab

When you read an article from website, if the article is written in a language which is not your first language, you often might check online dictionary or online translate software. Since Google Chrome and Microsoft IE or Edge are the top web browsers in the world, so Google’s Translator and Microsoft’s Bing Translator normally are chosen by users so they are more popular than other translate online service. Here we are going to talk about Google’s Translator.


How we have been using Google Translate ?

We can open the Google Translate online service by directly input its URL which is, we can also open the Google Translate through Google Apps group (the nine-dot square) which is on the top right corner of a Chrome web browser.

However, opening a separate tab or window is not convenient enough when we read a longer article from websites. Because we will have to switch tabs or windows constantly if we meet many new vocabulary.

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Sign Up on Pinterest

Current internet users often use Facebook, Twitter, but the images style sharing website Pinterest is more popular than before, which attracts more users to sign up on it.

From Wikipedia: “… Users can upload, save, sort, and manage images—known as pins—and other media content (e.g., videos) through collections known as pinboards. Pinterest acts as a personalized media platform. Users can browse the content of others in their feed. Users can then save individual pins to one of their own boards using the “Pin It” button… Users can …, and interacting with other members. The end result is that the “pin feed” of each user displays unique, personalized results.”

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Sign up to Tumblr 2016

How many people know Tumblr is owned by Yahoo ? Maybe we were too ignorant to know Yahoo acquired Tumblr in 2013. But we really knew Tumblr more earlier, we did not use it just because we did not know how great about Tumblr ran a long-macro-blog compared with people’s personal blogs. until we knew Tumblr created more society feature.

So due to Wikipedia, Tumblr is a “ micro blogging platform and social networking website”, for our view, Tumblr’s social network feature is similar with Twitter, but the big different is Tumblr allow users post longer content than Twitter.

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Major Differences between Miracast and Chromecast

Miracast: Miracast is stlll a kind of Wi-Fi, but uses Wi-Fi Direct connection, with W-Fi Display technology, the Miracast defines a protocol to enable a device to wirelessly connect to an external monitor, mostly is a TV.

Because of Wi-Fi Direct, Miracast device, such as Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, allows a smart cell phone with Miracast feature supported to transfer video and audio signals to a TV or a monitor directly, without other network control device help such as a router.

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