A Real Case of Unlocking AT&T Phone for FREE

We posted How to Unlock AT&T Phone For Free from Outside the United States previously. Today we are going to show a real unlock process using a real AT&T phone which was purchased from United States.

We mentioned that unlocking an AT&T phone was simple because AT&T officially releases a unlock code to customers. However, we got to know there were some customers still did not unlock successfully, some customer’s AT&T phones even became bricks. So maybe it is good if we can share our real unlock process since we unlocked an AT&T phone successfully.


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Types of Unlocking cell phone

There are different types of unlocking cell phone, also, there are different unlocking defined by different sources:

1: The source from a site, we copied the type defines from this site named Windowsphonehacker website:

Developer Unlock: This allows third-party (homebrew) applications to be sideloaded onto the device. Max 10

Interop Unlock: This allows better access to the device, including areas Microsoft has locked down. Registry editors, file explorers, etc., require this.

Rooting: This allows higher privileges to be granted to applications. This is possible on devices with custom ROMs, or interop unlock. Dynamic Background and Lock Widgets require this.

Full Unlock: This allows native EXEs to be run on the device. This includes things such as the DFT Bluetooth file transfer application.

Custom ROMS typically result in one of the above three.


2: From a Yahoo question:

Factory unlocked is what you buy from Apple directly. These can never be locked.
Software unlocked is when you buy from AT&T, etc & use software like ultrasn0w to unlock. The unlocks are not permanent.


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