Check Real Time Traffic From Cameras

If we want to know current traffic information, normally we can check Google map or Microsoft’s Bing map with their traffic features. However, do you know you can check more “real” traffic status by cameras ?

In Canada, people can check traffic cameras from online. Most of traffic cameras are set and installed by government.

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You might still be Qualify to Get Toronto Library Card after Moving

Can you continue to use Toronto library card if you move out of the City of Toronto ? The answer is mostly No. However, please do NOT think you can not continue to use Toronto library card if you move out of City of Toronto area without research.

In Canada, There are different library management systems in different cities. some of them are connected, but in GTA area, seems Toronto library system is the biggest one and it is a standalone system. If people move out of the City of Toronto, mostly then can not continue to use the library card for free.

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Find School in Your Area

The amount of Elementary Schools in Ontario Canada is more bigger than the amount of Secondary schools. so maybe you don’t care which elementary schools for your kids when you looking for a new house, but most of parents will consider which secondary school in the area which they will move in because most of secondary school has the policy which they only accept specified area home address.

So let us collect some school finder info here:

1: York Region School finder, includes the area of Richmond Hill, Markham, Aurora, New Market, King, Vaughan, etc;

2: Peel District school finder, includes Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon;

3: Halton District school finder, includes Oakville, Burlinton, Milton… etc.

4: Toronto school finder;

5: Toronto Catholic School finder

6: Ontario Ministry of Education school finder;

Another Terrible Highway 401 Traffic in 2011

Today we drove 1.5 hours from Warden area to Highway 400 area on Highway 401 in Toronto. This is one more terrible traffic on 401 in this year.

The follow is the screen shot of Google map which copied in 2011 Dec 15 10:38am. you can see the lots of black color on 401 which means the slowest traffic.


Trees Are On Your Private Property

First let us learn what Toronto’s Urban Forest is?   
Toronto is a city of trees. More than four million trees dominate our ravines, line our boulevards and beautify our parks. Six million more trees are located on private property.Toronto’s trees along city streets, in parks, ravines and natural areas, in the front and back yards of homes, and in landscaped open spaces are collectively known as the city’s “urban forest”.

Have you see? If there is a tree located on your private property, the tree is NOT yours but government own.

Government provides services to protect and grow urban forest as a natural legacy for future generations to enjoy. The services called Toronto Urban Forestry Services.

Here is an example of Urban Forestry Service:

Sometimes Toronto resident might receive a notice from government:

Dear Resident:

Urban Forest has determined that the ash trees in your neighborhood are infested with the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) insect. The declining City-owned ash tree(s) located on the City property adjacent to your home/property has been scheduled for removal. Plans for removal and replacement (space permitting) are outlined below.



If the tree is on your private property, even the tree is not yours, but if you want to do something on the tree, you have to pay the service, the government and the Urban Forest Services will not be responded for that.

Here we have an example which we were talking with a Toronto Urban Forest Service employee (we think he is):

(We) to 311
Dear Sir /Madam:

There is a big pine tree is just on my drive way, it drop pine oil every summer, let my car very mess and dirty! and I can not clean them!

My house address is xxxxx

Can you help ! Can you move the tree to other place, or cut the tree sticks above on my driveway side ?


311 to me
Thank you for contacting 311 Toronto.
This tree is on private property and therefore the City will not prune it back.  If it is on your property, you should hire a tree service to properly prune the tree back.
I hope this is helpful and please do not hesitate to let me know if you require further information or assistance.

311 Toronto

(We) to 311
Hello Robert:

You mean I can cut (remove) the pine tree completely if I do not like it? If the answer is yes, then I will find service to remove the tree from my private property soon. But before I do it, I need your confirmation so that I will not get trouble and fine later.

Thanks a lot !

311 to me 
If the tree measures at least 30 cm at a point 1.4 metres above the ground you will need a permit to remove or destroy the tree, or a waiver of the permit.  You need an arborist report as part of the permitting process.  However, you do not need a permit to trim a tree.

311 Toronto

So, if a tree grows, you might not cut it if without government permit, However, if you want to trim a tree which is on your private property, you do not need a permit.

Anyway, it is good to ask questions to government before you do anything for the trees on your private property.

Toronto Extreme Heat Alert

July 21, 2011, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health has extended the Extreme Heat Alert.


Toronto Government official site alert:

July 21, 2011, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health has extended the Extreme Heat Alert

During an Extreme Heat Alert, call or visit family, friends and neighbours, especially isolated adults and seniors who are at greater risk of suffering from heat-related illness, to make sure they are okay. Other groups at risk include people with chronic and pre-existing illnesses, infants and young children, people on certain medications and those who are marginally housed or homeless.


Crazy Highway 401 This Morning

There was one more bad traffic on Highway 401 in Toronto area this morning.

Drove over 1.5 hours for the same distance normally only need 28 minutes.

Whole routine was in red and black color.

We should have a camera but we did not take it. So we caught a Google map, you can click it to zoom in.