If No Ad, Google Can NOT Give People Free Services

Google provides multiple IT services and products to people for free. For example: Email (Gmail), Online Office Applications (Google Docs), Cloud Storage (Google Drive and Google Photos), Map, Online Video Sharing (YouTube), Communication Platform (Handouts) etc. However, we should know any IT services and products can not long live without finances supporting. If Google does not have money to buy hardware servers, how can they provide so great YouTube, Google Docs, Google Photos services for free ?

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Huawei Jumps into PC and Tablet Market with 2-in-1 Tablet Matebook

The telecommunication and smart phone giant Huawei released their Windows 10 Convertible 2-in-1 tablet, which shocked entire PC/Tablet market. Obviously Huawei was not only attempting to share the smart phone meals, but also had plan of coveting other mobile devices including Tablet to extend their mobile market.

Even some people complaint the name “Matebook” is wired and seems similar with Apple’s MacBook, but Mate is the famous Huawei Brand name, which is a reasonable name for this tablet since it is from the same product line with Huawei Mate 7/8 smart phones.

Due to CNET report, Matebook’s price would be from $699 with Core M3 processor and 4GB of RAM to $1,599 for a Core M7 chip and 8GB of RAM full features.

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WiFi vs Bluetooth vs NFC vs RFID

There are 4 types of wireless communication specifications in the world: WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and RFID.


The official name is Wi-Fi, which are popular in our life. Wi-Fi are used in most of wireless environment such as computers, cell phone, router, wireless devices;

  • – Coverage Range: 35 m ~ 120m or more, There is a world record is over 382 km that was happened in June 2007, which is amazing, and unbelievable;
  • – Frequency: 2.4G Hz, 5G Hz
  • – Data rate: 144Mbps ~ 250Mbps
  • – 2-way communication

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What is .FFU File ?

If you use Windows system usually, you should have known some file format such as .wim, .vhd or .vhdx;

But maybe you have chance of meeting the file .ffu recently, and you might realize you can not get enough information from Google search to know the .FFU file information.

Actually, .FFU file is more known by those Windows IoT developer, they download Windows 10 IoT Core package, and they will see .FFU file on the computer folder.


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Using Powerline Adapters to Extend WiFi Range

(Updated in 2016 April15) If you have a big house or office, you might have realized that your WiFi router had limited range, because you might not get network signal or only get weak signal on your 2nd floor or basement if your router was set on 1st floor.

Common Solutions to Resolve WiFi Range Limitation Problem

How to resolve the problem? There are following options you can choose:

1: Buy another internet service, which provides you a newer and stronger WiFi router with new package.

This options will NOT be adopted by most of people since it is really a money wasting solution, and, it does not guarantee you can get extended WiFi range;

2: Buy WiFi Extender, which maybe more and more popular solution (really? not sure actually)

Since WiFi Extenders are cheaper than before, so this option might be easier for you. You can choose it but I will not talk about this option here;

There are multiple good WiFi Extender deals on Amazon now, some models are sold by Amazon itself with more reliability. So you can choose them now, check here.

3: Take advantage of your old WiFi router if you have.

This solution is the most efficient with saving cost compared with other WiFi extending solutions. Of course you might say you have other cheaper ways such as using an empty Cola can, but it is not efficient and not guarantee at all.

So, just using your old router, and a pair of power line adapters, you can get WiFi extended range, it might be better with a cheaper solution than you using a WiFi extender.

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