How to Test Internet Speed Correctly

How do you test your home internet speed or office internet speed ? Do you find your internet testing speed is not match the internet package which you purchased ?

When we buy internet service from ISP (Internet Service Provider), there are at least 2 factors you must concern: Monthly Usage (it is traffic amount in a month, but now most of ISP call it as Usage, so we use the word Usage here) and Speed. Here we only give related topic about Internet Speed.

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Google Page Speed Tool

If you want to test the speed of your webpage, or if you want to get some help information about web page optimization. You can try Google’s Page Speed tool, also you can try  it online without local installation.

Page Speed is an open-source project started at Google to help developers optimize their web pages by applying web performance best practices. Page Speed started as an open-source browser extension, and is now deployed in third-party products such as, Show Slow and Google Webmaster Tools.

If you want and your web browser is Chrome, you can install Page Speed into your Chrome browser as an extension, the install information can be found here.

You also can use it for free through their online tool:

Just input your website URL and click the “Analyse performance” button:


Please know there are dropdown list for choice if you click the triangle on the right of “Analyse Performace” button, you can choose for desktop visiting or for mobile phone visiting.


After you click the button, you will get a test result as the following shown:


You can get the Page Speed Score, and also Details information for the suggestions of optimization.

Please just follow their suggestions to try to optimize your web pages.

Also, you can get more information from Google’s video: