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Updated in 2016 Feb 10:

Hello Friends:

Sorry I did not update my Maya Tools long time. Today I come back to fix the broken links in all my old Maya Tool Blogs. I might find spare time to learn newer Maya and maybe update my tools if I think it is necessary, but I can not guarantee I have time soon.


September 2, 2005 (published GoGoToTo.com on May 2008)

When I did my Demo Reel in the Seneca College, I found I had to rig characters again and again. For me, rigging is a boring works, and hard. I tried to find some rigging tool for my characters. I used Final rigging, advanced skeleton tool, but I found they were all too complex for my own characters, and, I found if I wanted use them, I had to spend more time to learn how to use them correctly. These were not what I wanted.

So, I thought, why I did not write my own Rigging tool so that I can use it and control it easily?

Then, Easy Riggint Tool was born.

My teachers Mr. Martin Mayer, my classmates and good friends Eric Stinnissen, and Martin Geiger gave me lots of helps and directions. Thanks them very much!

My teacher Mr. Mr. Sean Craig asked me published my Rigging tool about 1 month ago, but, I did not. The first reason is I had to test this tool by myself; the second reason is I was really busy for my Demo Reel works; and the third reason is : My computer crashed and crashed since I added some new hardware devices. I am trying to find what lead this big problem. but, no result by now

So sorry about that.

Anyway , today I can find a chance to publish it! I am happy.

Download here:
Download jsyeasyrigging10.mel

Let me provide some some descriptions for my Easy Rigging Tool:
1: I did most of rigging steps followed Alias’s book ” Learning Maya 5: Character Rigging and Animation”;
2: I added some new rigging options by my classmates’ help (Martin and Eric);
3: It is only used for biped characters by now. I will improve this tool later for all kind of characters (let me try )

If you have more questions, pls give me Email or ask Martin Geiger and Eric Stinnissen directly. I think they are more professional on rigging.

Here are usage guide: