A Real Case of Unlocking AT&T Phone for FREE

We posted How to Unlock AT&T Phone For Free from Outside the United States previously. Today we are going to show a real unlock process using a real AT&T phone which was purchased from United States.

We mentioned that unlocking an AT&T phone was simple because AT&T officially releases a unlock code to customers. However, we got to know there were some customers still did not unlock successfully, some customer’s AT&T phones even became bricks. So maybe it is good if we can share our real unlock process since we unlocked an AT&T phone successfully.


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Moving a SD Card from Windows Phone to Another Windows Phone

There was a Windows Phone which was purchased 2 years ago with the updated Windows Phone 8.1, we put a 32 GB SD card on it. We had installed major apps on the SD card and hundreds of photos and video on the SD card. Later we bought a new Windows phone since the old Windows phone was working worse due to more and more apps. We meet a task:

How to move the SD card from old Windows Phone to a new Windows Phone ?

We actually had two type of data on the SD card: Apps and Photos (Including Video, Music files and other files). If you are familiar with computer with Windows system, you might understand a case of how to move a hard drive from one computer to another computer: When we moved a hard drive to another computer, we could see the original photos, video, music files and our document files directly, they were not changed; But we could not use the installed software, we had to install the application again, even we could see the application files and folders.


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How to Unlock AT&T Phone For Free from Outside the United States

During the holiday season such as in Christmas holiday, we might meet great deals in United States stores or retailers websites. For example, the smart phones, comparing Canada and US, the selling prices might be more different, they are cheaper in US. So, Canadian like to buy a smart phone from US, actually, the price might not the only reason, some models of phones are only sold in US.

Your phone is locked or unlocked ?

When we buy a phone from US, we should know most of phones are locked by US telecommunication service providers, so when you buy a phone from US and you know you will not use it in US in most of time, either you buy a unlocked phone, or you know you will have a way to unlock the phone when you go back to your country (pay extra money to buy a unlocked code maybe); even if you are a US resident, you might still want to unlock the phone since you might change your phone service company.

However, we know at least there is a telecommunication service provider in US called AT&T will provide officially unlock code or other unlock services for their customers or phone buyers FOR FREE!

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Nokia Numia 900 $524.99 CAD ?

Some message from Mobilesyrup and Redflagdeals, seems the Nokia Numia 900 Windows phone will lives on Canada Rogers on April 10, 2012.

Now on Rogers’s website you can pre-order Nokia Numia 900 with 3 years contract at $99.99, but you must choose the one of the following plan list:

200Minutes + 1GB1
+ Unlimited Evenings & Weekdays 6pm – 7am2
Includes all monthly fees ±

200Minutes + 500MB1
+ Unlimited Evenings & Weekdays 9pm – 7am2
Includes all monthly fees ±

300Minutes + 500MB1
+ Unlimited Evenings & Weekdays 9pm – 7am2
Includes all monthly fees

However, Mobilesyrup issued more information about Roger’s prices:


3-year contract price: $99.99
2-year contract price: $424.99
1-year contract price: $474.99
No-term contract price: $524.99

If Roger’s no-term price will be really $524.99, then another telecommunication carrier Telus.ca should adjust the price for their Nokia Numia 800, they are still selling Lumia 800 at $529.99.


How The Making of Huawei Pegasus in MWC 2012

China No1 Telecommunication Product provider Huawei Inc. just released 4 brand new smart phones in MWC 2012 (Mobile World Congress 2012) today.

There is a Pegasus sculpture outside the MWC venue in Barcelona. Huawei think the Pegasus is a symbol of their rapid cellphone’s growth obviously. 

The Pegasus was sculpted out of 3500 Huawei handsets and supporting rods. It was sculpted by “Machine Shop” company in London: “Standing at 5.7 meters tall and made of 3,500 smartphones, the Huawei Pegasus took 720 man hours to build.”


Let’s look how the “Horse” made: