How to Convert EPub eBook to Amazon Kindle Format for Free

This blog is trying to provide a good solution for huge amount requirement of converting ePub format eBooks to a new format eBooks that are readable in Amazon Kindle (Paperwhite, Voyage etc.).

Amazon Kindle is the one of the most popular eReader devices in the world, which is released by Amazon. Based on the newest model of Kindle Paperwhite model (2015 edition), you can read eBooks, download eBooks, view web pages, buy eBooks online; It also provide native dictionary, read different languages, adjust font size, touch screen etc. features.

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PDF File Can Not View In IE Browser ?

Microsoft provides the SkyDrive for your store something online. you can upload a PDF file on your SkyDrive. SkyDrive allows you view the pdf file in web browser. Here we use IE browser.

However, some reasons caused our pdf could not view in IE browser

An empty content displayed when we viewed the pdf file:


We confirmed we have already installed Adobe reader software. because we could open pdf file in local Windows. So if you found you have not installed Adobe reader, or another pdf file reading tool, please just install them.

In our case we have already installed Adobe Reader 10X, The reason should be something wrong in our installed Adobe Reader software, so we tried to do the following steps:

1: Close IE browser, Open local installed Adobe Reader software, select Menu Edit, and then Preference sub menu:


2: Select the “Internet” category on the left panel, and check off “Display PDF in browser” if it checked on, then click OK to save the new setting:


3: Close your Adobe Reader. Now go to Control Panel of Windows system, list the installed program, and choose Adobe Reader X, and then click “Change” menu:


4: Now you can see system asks you choose Repair installed Adobe Reader, so we choose it and click Next button:


After you click Next button, Adobe Reader will be in repair processing:


After you see Finish window, just click Finish button to close the Repair window.

5: Now open your Adobe Reader again, and check on the “Display PDF in browser” option which we turned off in Step 2, after you checked on , please do not forget to click OK to save.


6: Now open IE again, try to view pdf file in web browser, you will see the pdf file can be viewed in browser now: