Set Your Preferred Way to Pay for Online Purchases Using PayPal (Again!)

Never understood how PayPal’s system designers thought. We just have one question to you: Don’t you have a data table or user profile configuration files to store existing customers or users’ existing settings? How could you force existing customers or users to set their Preferred Payment Method again and again? Every time when your website upgraded, our previous Preferred Payment Method setting will be wiped out.

At least from earlier years of 2013, to 2013, then to now, we had to set the Preferred Payment Method 3 times!

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Force to Use Credit Card Method in PayPal

Normally you have at least 2 different payment method are binding in your PayPal, the one is debit bank account, another one is credit card.

When you set your bank account and credit card in your PayPal, normally the payment will choose your PayPal balance first, and then credit card, and then bank account.

In some case, for example, your credit card expired, then PayPal will charge money from bank account, here we might get problem: if your bank account balance is 0 or less than the payment amount, your debit bank might charge you extra money for a fine due to their own policy, then your PayPal payment failed, also you get bank fine. That is headache problem.

So for this case we’d better force our PayPal charge money from Credit Card always.

How to do it ?

1: Login to your PayPal account, select Profile menu and click;

Note: Just click Profile, DO NOT select sub menus which in the list.


2: In Profile Window, Select My Money, and choose Update link for My preapproved payments:


3: Now we see My preapproved payments screen like following, please click the link “Set Available Funding Sources


4: Now we can adjust our funding sources, for example, Check off any Bank Account option, save it, then your future payment will ONLY charged from Credit Card.



Add New Credit Card and Bank Account into Your PayPal

If you have already a PayPal account, the one thing you have to care about is that your credit card might be expired after some years, and also your bank account maybe changed. So if you want to continue to use your PayPal,  you have to update your financial information in your PayPal.

The updating work is easy. Login to your PayPal account, find Profile menu item on the top menu, you can see there are “Add or Edit Bank Account” and “Add or Edit Credit Card” sub menu items there.


Here we use Add a Credit Card as the process sample:

There is a “Add Card” button after your click “Add or Edit Credit Card”, click this button, you will see the following screen:



Your first name and last name will be auto filled by system, what you should do is drop down the Card Type and select one which matches your credit card type, and then input card number, expiration data , and Card Verification Number which normally are on your card back.

And then confirm your Billing address, After you review all information is correct, click the button “Add Card” on the bottom, your new credit card will be added then.

If this is your first Credit card or your credit card is the only one in your PayPal, you will get the following message after the card is added successfully:

“You have successfully added a credit card. Please note that this credit card is now your primary card. For more information on your primary card, please refer to your Profile.”

PayPal will be the first and only global payments platform open to third-party developers

Paypal’s develop team is going to use to be a new platform to provide API to be the first and only global payments platform open to third-party developers.

All detail information please read the following content and Links:

July 6, 2009
Yes It’s True
Damon Hougland

Damon Hougland

You may have heard some breaking news that PayPal will be the first and only global payments platform open to third-party developers. Indeed, it’s true. Take a look at the PayPal Blog entry Osama Bedier (VP of platform and emerging technology and my boss) posted earlier today. It talks about our limited-seating preview event on July 23rd where you can get more details on the APIs, as well as our developer’s conference in November. This is game changing stuff, and we want you to be part of it. We believe that providing a global payments platform will open up countless opportunities for developers to innovate and create new revenue streams. We want developers worldwide to easily make money from their ideas.

Let me take a minute to thank the developer community for the overwhelming response. It has been amazing. To be part of the action, follow PayPal Developer on Twitter and visit us on as we begin to roll out our new services and capabilities.

From blog

break news: Paypal Looks to Crush Amazon’s Fledgling Payment Service With A New, Secret API

News about PayPal’s Platform and Upcoming Event


Paypal have owned the domain since 1993 (or earlier) but few people knew it because seems Paypal never gotten good idea to use it.
Recently PayPal announced Paypal “will become the first and only global payments platform open to third-party developers”. their “new set of APIs will offer unlimited possibilities for (developer) to easily monetize (developer’s) ideas, by providing security and connectivity to the world’s financial systems.”

Paypal will move towards the public launch this fall. The team is currently using as their blog to note somethings regularly.

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