Set Your Preferred Way to Pay for Online Purchases Using PayPal (Again!)

Never understood how PayPal’s system designers thought. We just have one question to you: Don’t you have a data table or user profile configuration files to store existing customers or users’ existing settings? How could you force existing customers or users to set their Preferred Payment Method again and again? Every time when your website upgraded, our previous Preferred Payment Method setting will be wiped out.

At least from earlier years of 2013, to 2013, then to now, we had to set the Preferred Payment Method 3 times!

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How To Contact Using Email

ClearlyContact is a popular online eyewear provider. You might ordered glasses stuff from their website. Also, they provided very detail information for customer service. and, they put their 1-800 service phone number on the top of web pages which you can see directly.


Sometimes you need to write emails to connect them, for example you do not have time to call them or you do not want to spend time to tell them all detail information and what and why stuff, just write an email to include everything and send them.

However, everything time when we wanted to contact them by emails, we could not find the right place which their emails or web page form which we need to fill. because they “Hide” their emails pages;

Now please follow these steps to find the email page:

1: Select “Customer Service” menu on the top and click “Contact Us”:


2: Now you can see the FAQ page, there is a “Customer Care Interactive Message Centre” items is under “Contact Us” section, click it:


3: Now you can see more sub items are expanded out:


4: Just select any one sub item which you like, for example, if you want to exchange the item which you purchased, select “Exchange Item(s)”, then you will see the following page, then you can fill all information and click Submit button, then an email was sent to ClearlyContact customer service office. in 1 ~ 2 days they should reply you using emails.


Good Luck!