How to Test Internet Speed Correctly

How do you test your home internet speed or office internet speed ? Do you find your internet testing speed is not match the internet package which you purchased ?

When we buy internet service from ISP (Internet Service Provider), there are at least 2 factors you must concern: Monthly Usage (it is traffic amount in a month, but now most of ISP call it as Usage, so we use the word Usage here) and Speed. Here we only give related topic about Internet Speed.

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How to Limit Internet Uploading Bandwidth

We had a time to try setting internet uploading bandwidth. We had no choice since there was a roommate who used P2P tool to download too many movies. We were a network newbie so the only fast way to control he downloading was limit upload bandwidth, so that maybe the uploading speed would drop his downloading speed.

Because when we limit uploading bandwidth,  most of P2P tool’s downloading bandwidth will be cut down at the same time.

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