How to get a referral code from 7- eleven (7-11) wireless

How to get a referral code from 7- eleven (7-11) wireless ?

Firstly, you need to be 7-11 cell phone customer, go to any 7-11 store and buy a cell phone with at least $20 airtime card, then you are their customer now. Please know you can use a referral code which is from another 7-11 customer before you use your airtime card. Then both of you and that guy who gives you the referral code will get $10 free airtime.

After you become 7-11 customer, you can apply your own referral code to give any other people who want to buy 7-11 wireless cell phone. Then you can get another $10 airtime, of course, the new buyer of 7-11 will get his $10 when he uses your referral code.

Then let us talk about how to get get a referral code ?

Easy, just contact 7-11 by the following information:

The following content copied from 7-eleven official site :

Customer Service: 1-866-310-1023 or dial 611 on your SpeakOut phone (FREE Call), and press 1 to speak to a Customer Service representative.

And tell their customer service your security information such as your password (or PIN) for your 7-11 service account.

Then you will get a referral code. That ‘s is!

Microsoft Mobile Device Browse File and dotMobi DeviceAtlas

I got a open source project which I think it is supporting by Microsoft and / or dotMobi. the project name is Mobile Device Browse File or Mobile Browser Definition File. Actually I knew dotMobi Inc. has a similar project named dotMobiā„¢ DeviceAtlasā„¢, I don’t know what the differences between these 2 projects, or they are the same ? I am not sure, but I really see there are some differences from their introductions:

1: Mobile Device Browse File:

Project Description
The Mobile Browser Definition File contains definitions for individual mobile devices and browsers. At run time, ASP.NET uses the information in the request header to determine what type of device/browser has made the request.

This project provides a data file that when used with ASP.NET will detect the incoming mobile device and present you as the web developer with a set of 67 capabilities or properties describing the requesting device. These capabilities range from screen size to cookie support and provide all the information you need to adaptively render content for mobile phones and devices.

What is the Mobile Device Browser Definition File?
The Mobile Device Browser Definition File contains capability definitions for individual mobile devices and browsers. At run time, ASP.NET uses this .browser file, along with the information in the HTTP request header, to determine what type of device/browser has made the request and what the capabilities of that device are. This information is exposed to the developer through the Request.Browser property and allows them to tailor the presentation of their web page to suit the capabilities of the target device.

2: DotMobi DeviceAtlas

DeviceAtlas is the world’s most comprehensive database of mobile device information and features…
– Multi-sourced data, for maximum reliability and scope.
– Frequently Updated.
– Market leading performance, with small footprint.
– Transparent, Supported, and Future Proof.

DeviceAtlas for Microsoft ASP.NET BETA consists of a module which will integrate seamlessly with ASP.NET 2.0 and above – requiring just a single configuration line and installation of a DLL. Once installed, the module allows developers to use existing mobile controls with the benefit of new fresh data from DeviceAtlas which currently includes data on over 4,500 mobile devices.

I will get more info about them some day.

Mobile Web Forms in Visual Studio 2008 and 2005

After you install SP1 for Visual Studio 2005 or you are using Visual Studio 2008, you will see that you can not find Mobile Web Forms which you can see in Visual Studio 2003.

The reason is from Microsoft development team. They made the Mobile Web Form Templates a separate package and you need to download the package.

Also, you need to read here to know how to install the package, I copied part of content to the following:

One limitation users should be aware of is the Design View in Visual Studio 2008, which is based on a completely new archtecure, does not display ASP.NET mobile controls.  However, using these templates you should be able to develop ASP.NET Mobile applicaitons using the Source View just fine.

Once installed, these templates enable users to create and edit new ASP.NET Mobile Web Forms in ASP.NET Web Site and ASP.NET Web Applicaiton project types.

To install these templates download the attachment included in this post, extract the ZIP file, and follow the instructions in the included readme.txt files.

And, the most important is HOW TO SEE the Mobile Form Template after you install the package, see the comment below:

When looking into the issue Ahmad reported, we discovered he was looking at the “Add New Item” dialog in a “Website” project, not a “Web Application Project”.  Website projects already have mobile form templates, so these do not apply to that project type. These templates are only for the “Web Application Project” type.  To do a Web Application Project you should select ‘File > New Project’ from the menu and then select “ASP.NET Web Application” as the project type.  In that project selecting “Add New Item” hopefully should show the templates as pictured in the post.  Email me at omark-at-microsoft-dot-com if that doesn’t work for you.