Microsoft SQL Server Supports Linux

Microsoft announced a new development plan which was about SQL Server on Linux  2 days ago, which was an amazing news to all software developers. They started the plan already. The formal SQL Server on Linux will be released in Mid of 2017.

Microsoft SQL Server is the No. 3 popular database system in the world currently, It is also the No. 1 database system on Windows system. If MS SQL Server will support Linux, We guess it could be the No. 1 popular database in the world which is above Oracle and MySQL;

Please check here to get more detail information.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT Core Commercial License Will NOT be Free ?

In 2015 When Microsoft released the 1st version of Windows 10 IoT Core system, It was free, I did not focus on researching the commercial license at that time, but I checked Google, seems Microsoft had official web page mentioned the Windows 10 IoT Core was free for commercial products.

But today, when I checked the official page, a new page showed up:

We are making some enhancements to the Commercialization page. The updated page will be coming later this month. Please revisit us for more information at that time.

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Microsoft Store: Kingston 32GB SD Card Class 10 with Adapter $14.99

Almost one month past since Black Friday and Christmas Holiday, most of good deals have already gone, but some stores still provide good deals, maybe the price increased a little bit, but still good deals.

Here is a SD card deal, I personally think the price is good currently compare with other retail sellers. The Microsoft Store, are providing the deal of Kingston 32GB Micro SDHC Class 10 + SD Adapter for $14.99 CAD, it is the lowest price in Canada local place.


You could find out similar Kingston 32GB SD card with adapter on which is cheaper around $1 CAD, but those sellers are in Asia such as Taiwan, you will have to wait the item shipped from Taiwan. Also, compared with Microsoft, I am sure I would choose Microsoft Store.

Can Not Find Out HERE Drive+ App on Windows Phone and Windows Store?

HERE Drive+ app is a top GPS app with the capability offline map feature on Windows phone. However, I do not understand why an issue has been existed long time but seems nobody fixed it:There are lots of Windows phone users have the same issue about HERE Drive+ app, if they try to new install HERE Drive+, or they uninstalled previously due to storage limitation and later they want to find back the app to install it, they will realize they even can not search out HERE Drive+ or any other HERE Map related apps from Windows Store.

I do not want to discuss the reason why we can not search out the app, but here I just provide ways to find this app back for our Windows phone.

My Windows phone is Windows phone 8.1 system. I found at least there are 2 methods to find back the HERE Drive+ app:

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Microsoft Key Management Server (KMS) Client Setup Keys

Microsoft provides official webpage to list KMS client setup keys for some popular software such as Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 etc.

But, these keys are only for the case you have KMS host.

However, you can use these keys to install those software but not activate. for example, in our company the software manager hold all product keys, if we have not a chance to meet him to get real product key, we used to input KMS key to let the installation process continue, later we can find our software manager to get real product key to activate the software.

Here are part of official KMS client setup keys:

Windows 8.1 Professional

Windows 8.1 Professional N

Windows 8.1 Enterprise

Windows 8.1 Enterprise N

Windows Server 2012 R2 Server Standard

Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter

Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials


Please find all KMS Client setup Keys from here.