Upgrade PBO (Patriot Memory Office) Box Firmware

Patriot Memory Office is a popular media player in these 2 years for homes. The software is applications based on Linux system. There are lots of people mod it by themselves. Maybe this is just the reason why PBO box is popular.

PBO media player is using embedded device which the product company always release new firmware. Users can upgrade the firmware if they want, but, we suggest ONLY if you can understand some software programming and know Linux, then you can try to upgrade firmware, otherwise please DO NOT try this “dangerous” task.

Before you upgrade PBO firmware, please read the following important items first!!

1: Always follow the steps which are provided by PBO official site or forum;

2: If you do not know very well, never try the 3rd party of non-official firmware releases;

3: Some other firmware will make your PBO box never can be refresh (re-upgrade) any more after you upgrade using it, so please make sure whether you want to refresh later;

4: Backup your original firmware;

OK, let us upgrade PBO using our PBO box;


Check Bootcode for PBO box first: Different firmware fit different PBO with specified Bootcode.

1: Turn on PBO box with keeping PBO box connect with TV using composite cable (Yellow, Red, White cable);

2: At Home screen, press Stop button, then press Pause button on remoter;


Now you will see there is an information screen display on TV:

System Revision: P0020BC18-61
Kernel Revision: 323634
Bootup: 27
Bootcode: 0000.0202.0027


Due to above information. our PBO’s bootcode is bc27.

(to be continued)

Patriot Box Office Media Player Info Collection

Here we collect some information about Patriot Box Office Media Player:

1: Patriot Box Office Media Player Official Website;

2: Official firmware and document downloads;

3: How to update firmware (from official site)

4: Redflagdeals discount information and customizing guide

5: NCIX 2010 Boxing week on sale for PBO player ($99.99 with free Wi-Fi adapter , and $40 mail in rebate )