Check Real Time Traffic From Cameras

If we want to know current traffic information, normally we can check Google map or Microsoft’s Bing map with their traffic features. However, do you know you can check more “real” traffic status by cameras ?

In Canada, people can check traffic cameras from online. Most of traffic cameras are set and installed by government.

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How Google Maps Syncs All Your Devices

Do you know Google Maps can syncs all your devices from laptop, Android tablet and Android cell phone ? For example: If you searched something on your laptop, you will see your searching information on your cell phone or tablet. But we should know the tablet and cellphone which I mentioned should use Android system;

Here we show the simple example:

1: On your laptop, open Google Maps, you have to sign in first;

Note: Just because you signed into Google Account, Google Maps syncs searches across all your devices;

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Microsoft’s “Street View” map – StreetSide

You might have known Google’s street view map, it is great to let people view street. Actually Microsoft has also great map service: Bing map.

Currently you can see Bing map provides a nice “Bird’s Eye” function which you can check the map on the closed sky view to see a 3D map, but it is not good as Google’s street view which you can see the same view as you are in the street .

Now Microsoft has released new version of Bing map which includes new feature including the same Street View function, they call StreetSide.

The following are screen shots:

(This is a Bird’s Eye view but you can see there is a new button “Streetside” )

You can have a look at this video about “The Making of StreetSide in Bing Maps” from Microsoft. (how Bing Maps created the Streetside user experience.)

And the most important :  Click here to Try the Streetside by yourself !

Also, there are lots of youtube video which you can view.

Bing Maps Streetside Innovations