You might still be Qualify to Get Toronto Library Card after Moving

Can you continue to use Toronto library card if you move out of the City of Toronto ? The answer is mostly No. However, please do NOT think you can not continue to use Toronto library card if you move out of City of Toronto area without research.

In Canada, There are different library management systems in different cities. some of them are connected, but in GTA area, seems Toronto library system is the biggest one and it is a standalone system. If people move out of the City of Toronto, mostly then can not continue to use the library card for free.

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Cancel an Air Canada Booking within 24 Hours

We had a blog article which was about Cancel Air Canada Ticket to Get Credit in 2012. In that article we discussed how to get credit but not get money refund to reduce money lost.

Actually we have more safe option to get back full money if cancel a booking under some condition. The case that we mentioned in previous blog was cancelling booking after 24 hours.

Cancel an Air Canada Booking within 24 Hours of Purchase can Mostly get full refund

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Canadian Tire Sauder Night Table Unboxing and Assembling

After we bought Sauder computer table and bookcase, we got another chance to buy more simple furniture such as Canadian Tire’s Sauder side tables. Again, we really like Sauder furniture’s color.

Unfortunately, we can not find out the original selling webpage from Canadian Tire official website currently, and we forgot the selling price also. The following is just the real package pictures:


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Sauder For Living Camarin Computer Desk Unboxing

We mentioned Canadian Tire is one choice for shopping furniture in Canada. They have good basic level home furniture such as bookcases, desktops, small tables, stands etc. Here we show a unboxing of a type of computer desk which was from Canadian Tire store.

The following is the screen shot which was from Canada Tire website. The brand name is Sauder, For Living Camarin Computer Desk, it was just on sale when we copied the screen, which was $169.99, but most of time Canadian Tire sold it at regular price which was $249.99.


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How to Renew Canadian Passport in Canada 2016

The government services might be changing year by year, so every time when we do something about our personal ID stuffs, we will have to refresh our brain and check their newest policy.

Let us check how the Canadian passport renewal is. Luckily, Canadian government provides good online service, which is not hard to handle the passport things.

1: Find government introduction information:

The official cic.gc site official passport renewal webpage is here (We strongly recommend you read Canada government official site to get details and exact instruction information, all information on our website is just for the information which we are experience for our case, maybe NOT fit for your case! ), we can see the renew passport is ONLY available to adults, children’s passport always need a new one if it is expired. Because children is growing up fast ? this is a reasonable reason which I guess personally;


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York Region of GTA Outdoor Water Use Bylaws

For the new comers of York Region of GTA in Canada, if nobody remind them, they will not know there is laws limit the outdoor water usage. Yes, it is true, you can not use your water “freely” in outdoor even you think you are using your own water.

For example, here is the Outdoor Water-Use Bylaw in Vaughan area:

– Lawn watering is allowed between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. on odd/even days
– Industrial, commercial and institutional properties: Watering is restricted to a maximum period of three hours between midnight to 7 a.m. on any permitted calendar day
– Four-week grace period for new sod and seed
(The Bylaw is in effect from May 15 to September 30 every year )

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Canada Home can Choose TV Channels with $25 Basic Package

Today, from CRTC new rules: From 2016 March, People can choose TV channels which they want, either pay individually or pay for bundles which they created themselves. Any Cable and Satellite providers can NOT push TV channels to any bundles to customer which they don’t want.

Also, Customers can get a basic package is capped at $25 a month and will consist of local stations and mandatory channels includes educational channels and accessibility channels, also the option to include up to four American channels;

About more details, please check CBC news.