Install Wireless LAN driver of Win XP for Dell Laptop Studio 1535 (including all drivers downloads)


If you just want to download all drivers other than want to know how to install wireless LAN driver for Windows XP on Dell Studio 1535, you might have to know the original content below is outdated for you, most of links has been broken. I posted a new one for fixing all dead links and gave some new content. The new post is Here (Find windows xp drivers for your Dell Laptop) .

But if you want to know something about installing w on w ireless LAN driver for Windows XP on Dell Studio 1535, you can continue to read below content.


The default Operating System for Dell laptop Studio 1535 is Vista. But sometimes we might install Windows XP by ourselves. You must find it is painful to find drivers for Dell laptop 1535, because you can just find the drivers downloading from DELL website for Vista. They don’t provide any windows xp versions.

So you have to find all XP version drivers by yourself, the way is sure to search through internet.

The most difficult to find is the driver for Wireless LAN card. Lots of places on the internet don’t provide correct windows XP version for Wireless LAN card of Dell 1535.

By today, I just found sb. gave a helpful information: Using HP’s driver to instead of original Dell’s driver:

sp39243.exe file is a package which including .inf file. after expand it, please DON’T run the setup.exe file , but using your XP control panel to install a new hardware by manual, and select the .inf file from the expanding folder:

Run sp39243.exe and wait until it’s finished. You will have a new folder on your HDD such as C:\SWsetup . Now go to the Device Manager, right click on the Wirelessdevice and install the driver manually. You have to force Windows XP explicitly to use this driver. To do so you have to select *.inf files in the folder C:\SWsetup\sp39243. In the upcoming list choose "Broadcom 802.11 a/c/g Networkadapter" and hit next. The upcoming warningdialog can be nexted with "yes" and then…

The other drivers can be downloaded from this post from


Intel Chipset…


Dell 1510 / 1397 Wirelesscard

ATI HD 3450



Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet

IR Receiver

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