Acanac Internet is not stable

Acanac is one of Canada’s independent ISP’s. They said they are currently servicing over 70,000 clients and are still growing.  Acanac has grown to this size in just a little over 4 years. They have established a leadership position in the industry by providing clients with affordable and reliable service to both Residential and Business users.

Actually, I think Acanac is still a small company compared with Rogers and Dells, but I like this kind of small ISP company, because they can compete with Rogers and Dells, I hope there are more compete companies.

I used Acanac’s DSL internet in 2009, it was ok, I never complained. In this year, I found Acanac provides Cable internet which the price is almost the same for me using DSL internet, I switched the internet service from their DSL to Cable. However, I found I am not that lucky since I use new service.

The following is my post to report to Acanac:

I switched from DSL internet to Cable internet around Feb 1, 2011, I did not complain when I used DSL, but I have had to report at least 2 times since I used your Cable, the similar issue keeping come : I could not visit any websites and later I might can ONLY visit several websites such as google (only show search results but can not click to access target websites), I reported one time in Feb 9, about 2 hours later, the cable internet got work then, but yesterday (Saturday), the problem came again, I could not use the internet since the morning around 11:00am until mid-night (maybe 1:40am). you know my home phone is IP phone, my works is software development which needs internet too, when the problem came, I could do nothing, I could not use phone to contact my customers and my friends, my cell phone is “pay as you go” services, I could not use my cell phone long time to talk, I could not call you using my cell phone since your customer support waiting list is very long. Fortunately I found I could use Gmail so I reported to you using my gmail finally. but I still have not gotten your any explanation about the problem even the internet get to work now. I am thinking I might need to change my internet service if your Cable internet is really not stable.

So can you give me the reason why your Cable internet always get problem ? only in my area ? XXXXXX (this is my area post code)

(BTW: I got message from a friend who is in the same area and using your cable internet too, he told me he called you yesterday night, and your supporter said it really had problem in East Scarborough area)

Thanks a lot !

I hope I can continue to use Acanac service. so I am waiting for them response now.