Canadian Tire Sauder 5-Shelf Bookcase Unboxing

In Canada, the major furniture stores are Neon’s, The Brick, WalMart, Home Depot etc. But we have to know the Canadian Tire is the one of your choice. Though you might not have enough chance to buy big size furniture, and you have few chance to buy full wood made furniture from Canadian Tire, but if you are looking for any furniture for your kids room, such as computer desk, bookcase, you might better have a look in Canadian Tire.

Here we have a 5-shelf bookcase, the brand name is Sauder, which is not bad quality compared to other brands in Canada furniture market.

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Find House in GTA ABC

1: Find house: Realtor:

Input location

Set Searching conditions such as how many bed rooms, price ranges,;

More Options button let you set building type, ownership…

check boxes for A/C, Garage…

Click Go button to get your searching result,

There are 3 result showing ways: Map, Gallery, List

2: Find School:

Different district use their local school board, for example:

If North of GTA, use York Region school finder 

If Mississauga, use Peel school locator

3: School Rank:

Fraser Institute

You should set different City to get local city school ranking and trending.

Find Canada School Rank 2014

Looking for new house? and want a good school for your kids ?

Fraser Institute School Rank always your 1st choice in Canada, they release school list every year.

Actually, many parents don’t care elementary school rank since junior kids just enjoy their junior life and studying in elementary school, but parents think high school rank is important because children should spend more time on their studying when they go into middle school and high school.

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Check Crime, Death or Other Events Before You Buy a House

Most of house buyers want to buy a house which comes with clear history such as no crime history in the house. But, how we know whether there were terrible events occurred in selling house ?

Recently we got a related message from local News, there are some websites in local area provide helpful information.

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House Maintain – Sink Water Pipe Materials

This Blog was updated in 2016 Feb. This is another DIY house work related blog, which is about replacing or fixing  your kitchen room sink pipe or washroom pipe if you got leak issue or think the pipe is too old.

In this blog we are not going to show a detail pipe replacing or fixing steps, but we just share related materials which we are going to use. When we try to repair or replace a sink water pipe in kitchen room or a washroom, we need the following materials:

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Find good schools when you buy house

If you want to check schools when you buy a house. Here we have 2 nice website in Ontario Canada:

1: To find the school that serves your residential address for REGULAR PROGRAMS:

Toronto District School Board –   Find Your School

2: Compare schools, or check school rank:

FRASER – a free and prosperous world through choice, markets and responsibility

Shool Performance, this page is for Ontario

3: A Chinese site connect to MLS and report nice information, but it is in Chinese.