Sauder For Living Camarin Computer Desk Unboxing

We mentioned Canadian Tire is one choice for shopping furniture in Canada. They have good basic level home furniture such as bookcases, desktops, small tables, stands etc. Here we show a unboxing of a type of computer desk which was from Canadian Tire store.

The following is the screen shot which was from Canada Tire website. The brand name is Sauder, For Living Camarin Computer Desk, it was just on sale when we copied the screen, which was $169.99, but most of time Canadian Tire sold it at regular price which was $249.99.


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Canadian Tire Sauder 5-Shelf Bookcase Unboxing

In Canada, the major furniture stores are Neon’s, The Brick, WalMart, Home Depot etc. But we have to know the Canadian Tire is the one of your choice. Though you might not have enough chance to buy big size furniture, and you have few chance to buy full wood made furniture from Canadian Tire, but if you are looking for any furniture for your kids room, such as computer desk, bookcase, you might better have a look in Canadian Tire.

Here we have a 5-shelf bookcase, the brand name is Sauder, which is not bad quality compared to other brands in Canada furniture market.

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