Update Your Garmin Map through Garmin official site

There are different ways to update Garmin GPS map:

1: Purchase map from Garmin official website;



2: Find free resource from internet, there are some smart guys cracked Garmin map, and teach you how to update, please search by yourself, this is not included in this article, maybe there will be another blog to talk about this option;

3: You buy a Garmin GPS with a lift time free map update, for example: Garmin 1350 LMT, Garmin 1390 LMT… etc. the LMT means Life time Map and Traffic.

We want to talk more about the option 3.

If you have free life time map update, this is great. Please just go to Garmin official site to update. but first, if you just bought a new Garmin, you’d better to register it ASAP in their website.

Please DO NOT delay! you have to register your GPS within 60 days of acquiring satellites and driving with your Garmin.

Register your Garmin at http://my.garmin.com.

After you register, you might need to install Garmin communicator plugin for your web browser. Note: Currently the lastest Gramin communicator plugin (4.0.1) can not support 64 bit Chrome browser, so please better to use IE or Firefox. and use latest IE or Firefox version.

After you installed the plugin, please sign in your account, select update production, you can see the following options:

Product Serial Number
Your Garmin Product
USB Cable
Garmin Communicator Plugin (Installed During Registration)

Now please plugin the USB cable to PC and connect to your Garmin GPS (you can find the USB cable in your Garmin box)

If you have install the communicator plugin, the GPS serial number can be recognized automatically, and then you can update map followed the guide on screen.

The following is the map download steps, first we need to install Garmin Lifetime Updater:


We choose the 1st option to install updater software, and installed on our local PC:


After installation, run it, you will see welcome interface:


Click the “Add a Device” button. Give a Friend Name and click Add Devices button to continue:


Now the map updating process starts, it needs around 45 ~ 1 hour or even more first to download map to your local PC, so please note you need to check your available hard disk space before you update Garmin map.


Actually, the downloading, the verify process starts:


and then, start map building process, we will not give a screen shot here, just similar the above screenshot, but just text is Building Maps….

After the map built, then we can install map now:


After you click Install button, it start updating device software


Now we got the following information which ask us to restart Garmin GPS, please following the steps which showing on your PC screen.

Firstly please know you need to disconnect your GPS from PC. your Garmin normally can update map automatically then, please wait until it finished.


After you reconnect your Garmin to PC, you will see the continue button is available soon:


Please click Continue, then the update program will search Garmin server for something, if your GPS does not have enough space, you will get the following screen which ask your move some files from your GPS to your PC.


When the space is enough, you will see the following screen, we select to install US & Canada map:


Now, the map just start the device map updating, it needs another 1 hour time around:


So you can see the Garmin map updating is not easy, the downloading spent around 1 hour already, and then the map verify and building spent extra around 20 minutes, now the device map installing need another 1 hour almost. We think the updating time is too long. Garmin should improve this update process.

Finally, we saw the end screen:


Upgrade Garmin Map without Deleting Old Files

If you want to upgrade Garmin map from official site, just go to their site and follow their guide to do. You know you need to pay for the upgrade.

There are some resources of unlocked new Garmin map in the internet. If you like just search out them. Most of map files should work. However, we still strong recommend you buy official upgrade map files.

Here we just introduce how you can keep the original map files in your Garmin GPS and upgrade your map.

You need an extra SD card, and your Garmin should have a SD card slot:


After you confirm your Garmin has a SD card slot, then you can start the following steps, otherwise, you have to find other ways from somewhere;

1. Download unlocked new Garmin map files; (We do not introduce this information here since it is not hard to find a unlocked map file through internet);

2: Check the downloaded file size, normally, the map file size is less than 2GB, so your SD card should has at least 2GB available space;

3: Plugin you SD card to computer and create a folder named “garmin” on it (Please confirm if your Garmin need a upper case ‘G’armin or lower case ‘g’armin for some cases);

4: Copy downloaded img file into the “garmin” folder, if the downloaded file’s name is not “gmapsupp.img”, change the name to “gmapsupp.img”, for example, 2012 map might named “gmapprom.img”, you should change its name;

5. Plugin the SD card into your Garmin GPS;

6: Turn on your Garmin GPS, select Tools>Settings>Map>Map Info, Only check on the newest map file;

7: You’d better restart the GPS to make sure it is using the newest map file; (you might not need to do restart, but for our case, we used Garmin 265w, we found we had to restart to load the newest map file, do not know how about other Garmin GPS)

(Note: When you use GPS, please DO NOT plug out the SD card unless you do not need the upgraded map)

A Chinese GPS Satellite Tracking Online System

Here is a Chinese GPS Satellite Tracking Online System, which it can track cellphone and locate cellphone in world wide, If you want to try, just input a cellphone number on their website, and click “提交” (Submit)

They provide the following Chinese description , if you want to read please use some online translate system such as Google translator or Bing Translator:


Garmin GPS recall

Never heard a GPS provider would recall their products. But today a news here is that about Garmin GPS recall.

nüvi Battery PCB Recall

Garmin is voluntarily recalling certain nüvi devices that contain a specific battery that was manufactured by the battery supplier within a limited date code range. Garmin has identified potential overheating issues when certain batteries manufactured by the third-party battery supplier within a limited date code range are used in certain Garmin nüvi models with a specific printed circuit board (PCB) design. It appears that the interaction of these factors can, in rare circumstances, increase the possibility of overheating, which may lead to a fire hazard. Although there have been no injuries or significant property damage caused by this issue, Garmin is taking this action out of an abundance of caution.

The recalled devices include a small subset of the following nüvi model numbers:

    * nüvi 200W, 250W, & 260W
    * nüvi 7xx (where xx is a two-digit number)

You can determine your nüvi model number by looking at the label on the back or bottom of your nüvi.