Flash TM-AC1900 to Asus RT-AC68U

(Updated on 2018 May 10The refurbished TM-AC1900 router which was introduced in this article is NO MORE a good deal because of this reason. We will keep an eye on it if there are newer solutions in the future.)

Some Asus AC routers are more expensive in Canada compared with in USA even when it is on sale. For example, Asus RT-AC68U, which gains a good reputation due to its performance and quality. It’s discount price could be still around $170 CAD while the regular price is around $240 CAD (2018 Jan) in Canada. But in USA, Asus RT-AC68U’s on sale price could be lower to $99 USD while the regular price would be up to $160 USD.

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Communicate with USB port using C#

I worked a GUI project using C# for an audio company. This project needs PC GUI program communicate with a hardware board which has a USB port so that the GUI and the board switch data.

The hardware board has a micro controller chip (MCU), Actually it is Microchip’s PIC. Then we know we can use PIC USB Bootloader in firmware side.

We can download Microchip’s software package about PICDEM Full Speed USB evaluation kit.

And, There is a good guide article from Evan:
PIC USB Bootloader using Microchip frimware and C#

Actually, our GUI program has little different way to communicate with PIC via USB port, let me find time to write later.