An interesting interactive ‘virtual mirror’ – Swivel

In the Spring of 2011, A company named FaceCake Marketing Technologies showed their virtual mirror system – Swivel.

We found this kind of techs mostly based on some high interactive camera, such as Microsoft’s Kinect. Even the CEO in the interview mentioned they also can use other cameras, but I doubt it they can not use common camera otherwise how they track people’s motions ?




Swivel is an interactive ‘virtual mirror’ that lets customers virtually try on products at home or in Swivel-equipped retail stores without removing anything more than their coats. Shoppers see themselves in real-time 3D clothing and accessories and poll their social graph about looks without ever leaving the ‘mirror.’ Consumers can literally swivel around to view their applied products from all sides. Swivel also intelligently upsells accessories and promotions on-the-fly, increasing purchases while lowering returns.