Using A Gmail Account to Handle Multiple Email Accounts 2016 Edition

We introduced information which was about using Single Gmail to Receive / Send emails for multiple email account before, but it is 2016 now, Google has done some modifications on this feature of Gmail, and we realized it is not that easy which we thought. Let’s record this process today.

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IRQL_UNEXPECTED_VALUE Error When Upgrading to Windows 10

Since we installed Windows 7 on our old Dell Studio 1535 laptop, like other Windows users, we also got the Windows 10 upgrading reminder all the time in this year. Recently we realized the free upgrading will be end after July 29, 2016, so we finally accept the Windows 10 upgrading.

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A Case of Laptop Boots Failed with 0xc0000001 Error Code

There are different cases we get the Error code 0xc0000001, which normally are related hard disk errors.  But, this kinds of disk error could be fixed using some solutions unless you get very critical error.

We got a failure which was from our laptop booting once time with the error code 0xc0000001, after multiple tries which the Windows system prompted. We finally resolved the issue WITHOUT format our computer or re-install Windows system. The following is our handling process. It could be one of your information if you get the same issue with same error code.

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Be Smart enough to Recognize TB vs Tb GB vs Gb MB vs Mb KB vs Kb

We often see the texts TB, Tb, GB, Gb, MB, Mb, KB, Kb from common electronic products’ feature description. For example, when we buy an External Hard Drive, we see its size like xxx MB or xxx GB; or when we buy a SSD drive or a Macro SD card, we see their speed like xxx Gb/s or xxx Mb/s.

What Mistakes do People Often Make ?

Consumers might not realize that they are easily silly to ignore some important technical description from the items package or related web page. Those technical descriptions actually expose important information to us. For example, the technical data units. But do you really understand them?

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A Simple and Quick Way to Avoid Visiting Fake Websites Scams

There are many fake websites use different scam ways to cheat visitors. Their main purpose are normally stealing your private and sensitive information such as your financial information, or breaking your system to get their related benefits from somewhere.

I met many computer users who did not know computer well but  they had to use computer daily to do something. For example, they wanted to shop online, they wanted to pay bills online, or they just wanted to read news online.

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WiFi vs Bluetooth vs NFC vs RFID

There are 4 types of wireless communication specifications in the world: WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and RFID.


The official name is Wi-Fi, which are popular in our life. Wi-Fi are used in most of wireless environment such as computers, cell phone, router, wireless devices;

  • – Coverage Range: 35 m ~ 120m or more, There is a world record is over 382 km that was happened in June 2007, which is amazing, and unbelievable;
  • – Frequency: 2.4G Hz, 5G Hz
  • – Data rate: 144Mbps ~ 250Mbps
  • – 2-way communication

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Microsoft Store: Kingston 32GB SD Card Class 10 with Adapter $14.99

Almost one month past since Black Friday and Christmas Holiday, most of good deals have already gone, but some stores still provide good deals, maybe the price increased a little bit, but still good deals.

Here is a SD card deal, I personally think the price is good currently compare with other retail sellers. The Microsoft Store, are providing the deal of Kingston 32GB Micro SDHC Class 10 + SD Adapter for $14.99 CAD, it is the lowest price in Canada local place.


You could find out similar Kingston 32GB SD card with adapter on which is cheaper around $1 CAD, but those sellers are in Asia such as Taiwan, you will have to wait the item shipped from Taiwan. Also, compared with Microsoft, I am sure I would choose Microsoft Store.

Why Flash Video Does Not Work on Chrome ?

One day I found the flash video did not work on my web browser, the Chrome. My Chrome is newest version since I always follow the updating from Google.

In the newer Chrome version (after Aug, 2015), Google stopped all plugins based on NPAPI (Netscape Plugin API), which compared with PPAPI (Pepper Plugin API);  they said “To make browsing with Chrome safer, faster, and more stable”. NPAPI plugins including Silverlight, Java, and Unity etc. I am sure Chrome still supports Flash, and also still use Flash plugin, so Adobe Flash plugin must be a kind of PPAPI plugin;

Normally, you do not need to manually install or update the Flash plugin, because when you update your Chrome browser, the flash plugin will be updated together. What I guess is that Pepper project was created by Google itself, so the Flash plugin based on PPAPI should be actually a Google project, which could say Chrome Flash plugin is a part of Chrome;

So why the Flash plugin seems not work ?

1: I simply clean the Chrome cache first, but still not work;


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