Documents When Travelling with Minor Child without My Spouse

In Canada, normally a child who is under the age of 18 is considered minor child. Minor children need related documents when they travel or travel with adults.

Here we try to collect information which are about what documents an adult must have when he/she is travelling with minor child without the spouse.

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada Online Payment

Sometimes we have to pay fees to Government of Canada, especially to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  Our government might want to provides enough information to people so they provides multiple ways and links to let people “find a right url link” to pay fee. As result every time when I pay fee, I have to spend some time to find the right url link. Here let me record those links so that I can find back next time. The time is in Feb 2018 (Government website might be variable in different years.)

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Something that You might be Confused When You Apply for an EI in Canada

The EI (Employment Insurance) is a kind of benefit in Canada since you have already paid the employment insurance when you are working. There are some popular questions which most of EI appliers want to make clarify. For example, If you are receiving EI benefit but you get a new job, how the existing EI should be handled? or if you are still waiting for the EI benefit and you get a new job, how should you do ?

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Something When Employment Terminated in Canada

When your lost job such as employment is terminated due to some reasons such as your employer gets bankrupt, or business did not doing well and your employer has to cut off several job positions. You’d better check related employment law in your province and country to help yourself to get reasonable employment termination package from your employer.

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Submit the Netfile in StudioTax

StudioTax is the popular free tax reporting software in Canada which we mentioned previously. Here we just give a sample of submitting the generated netfile  (transmit to CRA of Canada).

How to Generate tax report files in StudioTax?

We do not need to separately generate tax report files in StudioTax. Because StudioTax uses NETFILE wizard to generate .tax file and then transmit the file to government CRA in the wizard and all steps can be finished automatically during the wizard processing.

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