Something that You might be Confused When You Apply for an EI in Canada

The EI (Employment Insurance) is a kind of benefit in Canada since you have already paid the employment insurance when you are working. There are some popular questions which most of EI appliers want to make clarify. For example, If you are receiving EI benefit but you get a new job, how the existing EI should be handled? or if you are still waiting for the EI benefit and you get a new job, how should you do ?

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Something When Employment Terminated in Canada

When your lost job such as employment is terminated due to some reasons such as your employer gets bankrupt, or business did not doing well and your employer has to cut off several job positions. You’d better check related employment law in your province and country to help yourself to get reasonable employment termination package from your employer.

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Submit the Netfile in StudioTax

StudioTax is the popular free tax reporting software in Canada which we mentioned previously. Here we just give a sample of submitting the generated netfile  (transmit to CRA of Canada).

How to Generate tax report files in StudioTax?

We do not need to separately generate tax report files in StudioTax. Because StudioTax uses NETFILE wizard to generate .tax file and then transmit the file to government CRA in the wizard and all steps can be finished automatically during the wizard processing.

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Canada Family Member Sponsorship Immigrant Low Income Cut-off 2016

We had yearly post about Canada Family Member Sponsorship Immigration Type Low Income cut off information, but maybe we missed the data for 2015. Since the time is passed, so here we skip to post the table in 2016. We copied the table from Canadian cic official website.

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Information about Applying for Chinese Visa (Mainland) in Canada 2016

We had a chance to apply for Chinese Visa in Canada recently. We realized the Chinese visa application process and policy has changed a lot. Here we take related notes to share something new with more friends.

Note: We were applying for Chinese mainland visa, not for Hong Kong and Macao SAR. Also, please know all the information here are based on our real case application, we have provided multiple Chinese visa service official links in this article, please read more details information from official website.

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How to Convert EPub eBook to Amazon Kindle Format for Free

This blog is trying to provide a good solution for huge amount requirement of converting ePub format eBooks to a new format eBooks that are readable in Amazon Kindle (Paperwhite, Voyage etc.).

Amazon Kindle is the one of the most popular eReader devices in the world, which is released by Amazon. Based on the newest model of Kindle Paperwhite model (2015 edition), you can read eBooks, download eBooks, view web pages, buy eBooks online; It also provide native dictionary, read different languages, adjust font size, touch screen etc. features.

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