Microsoft’s New Bing: Social

Microsoft today announced a new version of Bing searching engine. They call this version is Transforming Search from Finding to Doing.

“…a major update to its Bing search engine that fundamentally transforms the way users search the Web. The update, the most significant since Microsoft launched Bing three years ago, is designed to help users act quickly by taking advantage of the Web’s evolving fabric.”

The main updates looks like the Social searching feature.

With the new Bing, user can get advice more easier and get recommendations from friends or even experts, The new Bing provides a new social sidebar which put the right side by default.


User can also view useful, action-oriented information via a kind of screen snapshot feature.

The new Bing will be presented in a three-column new design that provides more and useful information.

Bing’s Picture today is for Chinese Teacher’s Day

Today is the Chinese Teacher’s Day.

Bing’s background Picture today is the picture of a teacher is teaching students in a “YaoDong” (a cave house in ShanXi Province China). You see there are still some hard teaching and learning environments in China even most of students have much better learning schools. But those teachers and students in China never or seldom complained. All they needs are teaching and learning.

We love our teachers, teacher loves their students. We hope China will be richer and be able to provide good school buildings and classrooms.

Why Microsoft chose Bing name ?

I know all people has the same question: why Microsoft chose Bing as their new search engine site domain name ?

Actually all the people who has relationship with Microsoft might have already given the answer.

But I have different thought: I guess Microsoft wanted to name their new site "Bingo" at the beginning time. Because normally people got the right result or something which they wanted, they can say "Bingo !", However, "Bingo" has the similar "tail" sound like "Google", Then if Microsoft use "Bingo", people will think they followed "Google".

And, the domain name "Bingo" must be more expensive than "Bing".

So Microsoft chose Bing finally.

Just my own guesses.

For other opinions, please read here or search from internet. is live !


This morning I saw the for other countries such as US, Canada etc. is live. They were late than Asia.

Actually, Lots of Chinese think the new looks like old after they took trial of We need to wait the opinion from experts now.

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I just saw is available !

You will see it is Beta version and it is a Chinese version with English option. I think it is from

It is very interesting ! It is the Children Festival in China today, Microsoft choose this date to publish ?

Please jump to and play it !

Discover Microsoft Bing and Behind Bing

Microsoft Bing has not come yet. Can not wait more time ? Now you can look at here: Discover Bing. However, you still can not see more stuff from this site, because it “coming soon…”, but we can find something behind Bing to Learn about Microsoft’s new approach to search. Click the “Behind Bing” button …Wow! you will see more information what you might need to know. For example, you can watch Bing related videos from here
Then you might find and get to know more about Bing.