Air Canada’s Bereavement Fares Policy

We realize few people knows Air Canada’s Bereavement Fares Policy, which is so nice and humane. We want to share it to everybody.

It is so sad if our loved family member who is in home town left or is leaving away from us due to illness or emergency events. What we can do is driving home right away or buying airplane fare to go back home as soon as possible. Since it is so hurry you mostly could only pay expensive money to buy airplane fares.

Air Canada provide the Bereavement Fares policy to the case of needing to fly at the last minute in the event of a death or imminent death in immediate family (check below for the concept is from Air Canada). They will reduce your cost for the fares.

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Cancel an Air Canada Booking within 24 Hours

We had a blog article which was about Cancel Air Canada Ticket to Get Credit in 2012. In that article we discussed how to get credit but not get money refund to reduce money lost.

Actually we have more safe option to get back full money if cancel a booking under some condition. The case that we mentioned in previous blog was cancelling booking after 24 hours.

Cancel an Air Canada Booking within 24 Hours of Purchase can Mostly get full refund

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