How to apply for Amazon Affiliate Program

You might have already known Amazon, but let me introduce something for newbie: Amazon is an electronic commerce company in US, but it still provides branch websites in different countries. Amazon is also well known by its another famous service: the biggest cloud computing service provider in the world.

Amazon provide their own affiliate service. They do not call Affiliate Program but call Amazon Associates. The most popular Amazon affiliate program is referrals by advertising their products. Currently on Canada Amazon, we can earn up to 8.5% commission; on USA Amazon, we can earn up to 10% commission.

So now let us start to register their Associates. Actually if you have already an Amazon account, you can login using your existing account directly. Here let us ignore the register process.

We use the Amazon Canada website as example, because most of Amazon sites have the similar application steps:

1: Click here to directly go to login page, Or from home page, scroll down the page to the bottom, you will find the Amazon Associates under the Make Money with Us option, click the link:


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What does LinkShare’s ‘Return Days’ mean?

In your LinkShare account, you can see the following items in advertisers list, the Return Days items is hard to understand.

So what is Return Days?


We found the explain from their Official site:

Visitors may not always complete a purchase at the point of click-through. The Return Days, or Return Day Benefit Policy feature allows advertisers to compensate you for sales that occur after a visitor’s initial click-through from your site.

For example, if return days = 0, compensation will only be credited for transactions made at the point of click-through. If return days = 30, compensation will be credited to your account for any transaction made by the user for up to 30 days after the initial click-through, even if the user visits the advertiser’s site directly within that time period. Please note, however, that compensation is typically credited to the last referring publisher site. Refer to an advertiser’s Terms & Conditions