If No Ad, Google Can NOT Give People Free Services

Google provides multiple IT services and products to people for free. For example: Email (Gmail), Online Office Applications (Google Docs), Cloud Storage (Google Drive and Google Photos), Map, Online Video Sharing (YouTube), Communication Platform (Handouts) etc. However, we should know any IT services and products can not long live without finances supporting. If Google does not have money to buy hardware servers, how can they provide so great YouTube, Google Docs, Google Photos services for free ?

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Why do I always See the Same Ads When Visiting Different Websites?

If you like to view online, you might realize you always see the same or similar ads on different webpages from different websites. Is it because your computer affected by virus or does your computer get attacked ?

Let’s answer the question directly first since you are wondering: If you are seeing the ads are Google ads which are put by the website owners, you should not be worried about them, those ads are normal.  Because those ads content are generated by Google, not by websites and their owners. The ads content are un-harmful.

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Text Ads Service Provider – InfoLinks, Good AdSense Alternative ?

We used to use Google AdSense to support our hosting, domain, internet, phone and office expense. But maybe AdSense is not the only one we can take advantaged, there are other ads distributers in this world, and some of them are really good, people said some of them are the AdSense alternative. but we did not try before.

AdSense generates ads units on your web pages static positions due to your settings, but InfoLinks can use your blog text to be keywords and generate related ad unit and popup a new window, which is using different technology compared with AdSense.

So, Google AdSense, should we try ? Are you happy?

Here is a nice blog which we can start from maybe?

What is Impressions in Google AdSense Report ?

Google AdSense keeps on changing their features, concepts and policies. We have had a post What is Page CTR ? CPC ? RPM ? eCPM ? very early which was about explaination of Google AdSense report key words.

But after that time, Google seems started to use “Impressions” to replace “Views” in most of places in a report, so what is Impression?

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How to Control the Size of Google AdSense Responsive Ad Unit

Responsive Ad Unit is a new type of Google AdSense ad unit. It is still on preview status. But we can use it in our web pages.

The most requested question should be how to control its size even it can be change size automatically due to the space size which you give it. However, sometimes we still need to limited its size. Especially since it is still a preview version, it casually show a over-sized Ad unit on our web page.

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YouTube videos make money with AdSense

If you have YouTube account and submitted some videos, you should know or you will get a notify or you set by yourself, to enable a feature to make money through your videos, with Google AdSense.

For our case, we did not set any AdSense information until we received a message when we submitted our videos. it was about “Monetisation” message.

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Put Google AdSense After First or Second Paragraph

Nobody can guarantee a best place to put Google AdSense in your post, The traffic and article content are much more important.

Our Google AdSense normally put the left top in a single post. However, today we read Google AdSense performance report and found “OPTIMIZATION TIPS Best practices for ad placement”, the good layout and bad layout.

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Google AdSense Site Health Report

Most recent Google AdSense often provides performance report about your website, there are some new concepts but the main seems Scorecard.

Your scorecard provides you with a summary of how well your ad settings, webpages and content are performing compared to those of other AdSense publishers. The scorecard is organized into different categories, such as revenue optimization and site health, with each category scored on a scale of one to five blue dots indicating your performance. You can further understand your performance and the steps you can take to improve it by following the suggestions and improvement tips in each category.

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Google AdSense for Desktop and Mobile ?

Mobile Platform is more and more important and popular. So we can not only consider traditional platforms for our Google AdSense.

The best solution is that let AdSense be able to display on both of Desktop and Mobile platforms. There were some people had their solutions, or made some plugins. Actually, we do not need to do extra works, Google has considered it for us. We just use the AdSense scripts directly.

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New Google AdSense Home Page

Google AdSense has changed several time, this time they changed again.

The Home page has been completely redesigned to improve your experience, based on your feedback. We’ve focused on highlighting and prioritizing the information you’ve told us you want to see every time you log in.

New gear icon: To align your experience with other Google products, we’ve moved the items in the left navigation bar into a gear icon in the upper right corner of the page.