Start to Use Linkedin

Some people don’t believe we never used Linkedin. It is real, we never used. So maybe we missed many chances, let me use it right away.


The register process is simple, just need First Name, Last Name, Email and Password, but after this you have to fill your profile information:


Then you can search your friends who have already been in Linkedin, you have to input your email account information so that Linkedin can search your friend by using your email contact.


You got the search result like following, you can connect your friend by click “Add Connections” button on the bottom:


The next step is that asks you whether do you want to invite more people who are your friend but he/she has not used Linkedin yet.

And then, Linkedin searchs more people due to some information about your profile or other resource, and show you a list which you are interested in. You might find some people who you known.

The next step: you can input more friends’ email addresses so that Linedin will send an invite email to them.

All above steps you can select Skip if you do not want to do.

Then you can select plan, the basic plan is free but the Premium plan costs $24.95.


After you select a plan, you will be accessed to your home page of Linkedin.

We will give more experiences after we used Linkedin well.