Send your application to right Canadian Visa Office

You might have a kind of application about Canada’s citizen service or immigration service. But when you are ready to submit your application package, you might have the problem that you do not know which Canadian Visa office (centre) you should submit to.

For example, when we have an application about sponsor parents to immigrate, or when we want to extend stay in Canada, which Visa office we should submit to ? The answer is that these two application should submit to two different office, which located in tow different provinces.

The following is the list of Canadian Visa Office and their services, the information is from current cic official site, they might change after some period, please confirm the information when you need them:

Note: Here only list Visa Offices inside Canada.

Offices in Canada

Most applications made in Canada are handled through the case processing centres (CPCs) below. Some CIC offices offer in-person assistance or self-help kiosks.

CPC Vegreville

CPC Vegreville processes:

extensions of temporary resident status and temporary resident permits
work and study permits

applications for permanent residence by some classes in Canada and
loans for the right of permanent residence fee.

CPC Mississauga

CPC Mississauga processes applications to sponsor family members living abroad.


CPC Sydney

CPC Sydney processes applications for:

permanent resident cards (new and renewals) and
citizenship (applying, renouncing, revoking and resuming).

Centralized Intake Office, Sydney

The Centralized Intake Office receives all Federal Skilled Worker applications.