Samsung Galaxy Tab Connects to Windows 8.1 Using Bluetooth

We did not have chance to connect our Samsung Galaxy Tab to computer since we did not use the tablet as our major file and photo storage device because of its internal space is limited and the camera is not good as our camera.

But after several months we still saved some images on the Galax Tab. We wanted to use Bluetooth to transfer image files to our laptop which was running Windows 8.1.

Not All Laptops or Desktops support Bluetooth

First we should make sure our laptop or desktop with Windows 8.1 supports Bluetooth, some old module computers did not come with Bluetooth hardware supported even running a Windows 8.1 or even Windows 10 system.

Connect Samsung Galaxy Tab and Windows 8.1 Using Bluetooth

1: On Windows 8.1, make sure the Bluetooth is enabled. If it is not enabled, slide to enable it;


2: On Galaxy tablet, go to settings and make sure its Bluetooth enabled too;

3:After you turned on both side’s Bluetooth, the computer and the tablet will start the scanning process to search any Bluetooth devices nearby;

4: After short while you should see messages to indicate they found devices each other on both of tablet and computer, and with a security code. We just follow the message to click button to allow they connect each other;

The following is the screen shot after Windows 8.1 found Galaxy tablet:


5: If you want to transfer files from Galaxy tablet to computer, open the right bottom corner icon on Windows 8.1, and right click Bluetooth icon to open settings:


6: In Bluetooth Settings window, due to online information, here we should check on Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC, but we did not check on this option but our Galaxy tablet still found the computer, which was some strange, but anyway, this step is not important:


7: In same Window, go to Shared Folder tab, click Open Receiving Window:


8: Now go to Samsung tablet, open any file manager, or photo and video management screen, select files which you want to transfer, click Share icon, and then select Bluetooth, the file will be transferred to Windows 8.1 computer then (You can see on Windows 8, the Bluetooth Received Windows like below one):


We think above steps could be similar with any other Bluetooth communication between a mobile device and Windows 8.1/10 system.