Pictures Cannot be Published to WordPress using Windows Live Writer

We tried to upload an article to remote website with some pictures in the content. The article edited in Windows Live Writer. The website is a WordPress site and the version is 3.1.3.

However, we got an popup error message windows indicates Picture Upload Not Support By Blog as title and pictures can not be published.

The error windows also provides solution: Windows Live Writer can be configured to publish pictures to an FTP account. Do you want to configure an FTP account for picture publishing now?upImgFailed00

Actually, This issue is not about any FTP stuff. It is because some settings on your WordPress blog are not correct.

Login to your admin control dashboard. Go to “Settings”, click “Media”, we found we put a Store uploads folder for uploading files. actually, we should not input anything here, because the default folder works always well, it is wp-content/uploads.


So the solution is just remove the folder setting so that let the blog uses default folder.