A Cheap NAS with 3TB Installed Sold by Amazon Officially

(Updated on 2018 May 11: We received the email from Amazon which notified us this item’s price was incorrect, our order was cancelled. )

We just ordered a cheap 3TB hard drive pre-installed NAS which is sold by Amazon officially. The price is crazy for $28.89 CAD.

Even it is temporarily out of stock, but we can still order it because Amazon mentions “Order now and we’ll deliver when available. We’ll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. Your account will only be charged when we ship the item.”

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Check Real Time Traffic From Cameras

If we want to know current traffic information, normally we can check Google map or Microsoft’s Bing map with their traffic features. However, do you know you can check more “real” traffic status by cameras ?

In Canada, people can check traffic cameras from online. Most of traffic cameras are set and installed by government.

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What Cloud Computing and Data Center will Be Finally ?

(This post is from personal view and thinking which is first published by GoGoToTo.com)

We are talking about Cloud Computing, Data Center, Public Cloud and Private Cloud and all related concepts every day. We see Google, Microsoft, Amazon are building more and more big data centers in all over the world, and we see they are creating new or improving lots of software or technologies to create their cloud platform.

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Set Your Preferred Way to Pay for Online Purchases Using PayPal (Again!)

Never understood how PayPal’s system designers thought. We just have one question to you: Don’t you have a data table or user profile configuration files to store existing customers or users’ existing settings? How could you force existing customers or users to set their Preferred Payment Method again and again? Every time when your website upgraded, our previous Preferred Payment Method setting will be wiped out.

At least from earlier years of 2013, to 2013, then to now, we had to set the Preferred Payment Method 3 times!

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How to Cancel DreamHost Shared Hosting Plan

If we have new hosting server or new hosting plan or a new hosting provider, we can cancel existing shared hosting from previous hosting provider. For our case, we have a new VPS plan from DreamHost, so we do not need existing Shared Hosting. Here is how to cancelled the shared hosting from DreamHost.

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