Open A Questrade Account

Here is a sample that opening an account on Questrade website.

We do not want to introduce Questrade here, but just try to open an account using friend referral.

Why using friend referral ? Because Questrade has a promotion now: if your friend refers you, your friend will receive $100 in free trades, and you will get $50 free trades, Why do not choose it if you really want to open a Questrade account ?

Here is detail information about Questrade refer friend promotion.

OK, you might have known your friend sent you an email about the referral, so you just open the email and follow the guide, click the link in the email.


After you clicked the link in the email, you will be accessed to an account register user interface, here you just input your information.

For your name, you should input your legal name which matches the government ID (you can read the request from web page.)


After you fill all required information to register, click Submit (Save) button.

Now you come to your Account, current account is only for the website operation, you will have further works to do, those works are for your real stock account, you have to open them, such as Margin, TFSA, RRSP or combined account (Packaged), select the account type and click save button, then you just wait for another email from Questrade for details information about your stock trade account.