NaviFirm Plus: Get Official Nokia Firmware for Nokia Phones

There have been a famous Nokia tool name NaviFirm or NaviFirm Plus to let people download Nokia Official phone firmware for free. Why need to download official firmware? because we have something to do such as restoring official firmware if we installed the 3rd party firmware but don’t like.

Nokia opened the firmware download service to public, however, around 2014 April, Nokia closed this service to public due to the reasons of “The facility to access Nokia’s software was never intended to be used by end users but by trained technicians only. However as its existence gradually became known, we found that although some people like developers were able to reflash their own devices, many people accidentally created more problems for themselves, which we then had to fix for them. In addition, open access to Nokia’s software through this channel compromised information security concerning future products.”

I used NaviFirm 1.7, the screen similar with the following which is from version 2.1, we could get all Nokia firmware with different versions:


But now, when you use old NaviFirm version, you will get server not accessible error message:


Fortunately, NaviFirm team released new version (now it is version 2.3 ), but limit all firmware list automatically feature though, user has to use an account with some small money donation, the good thing is that people still can download the firmware for free, but only search by product key, like the following screenshot: For example input 059P4M4 to get Canada Mobilicity Lumia 710 black color firmware.


How to get product key ? you can search on internet, for example, mobilessolutions, you can find your phone’s product code, or even, they provide free phone firmware download list, you can download newest firmware from online here, please double check whether they are real newest version if you want to use them.

When you get official Nokia phone firmware, you can recover to install official firmware using Nokia Care Suite which can be download from here. or PST version but please read carefully when you want to use PST version (I have not a change to use the PST version by now)

Here is a good step by step guide for a Mobilicity Lumia 710 official firmware installation. Also, here is a manually download 7.8 firmware and install guide, which is good too.