Microsoft’s BingAndDecide domain names have been there some days, but I am still don’t know why those domain players just focus on Microsoft’s bing domain names, they registered many domain names which are related “bing”. I know there are many Chinese domain players registered many many domain names which the names looks like “bing”, or they think there is any relation with “Bing”, for example they added header or tail to combine “bing” to another bing names.

But, I don’t get why people did not realize that Microsoft has other domain name which there are real relationship with “bing”, Please see this logo:

and please visit this website who is from Microsoft. What did you see and what did you get ?

Yes! The “Bing and Decide”. The domain which I mentioned is “BingAndDecide”. Microsoft has registered “”, “”,””,””,””, “”,””,”” etc.

Almost in the same day  when the opened to public , “” and “” were registered by other people, and by today the names “”, “”, “” have been registered.