Microsoft Tablet: Surface

We just posted “Microsoft’s Big Event Today ?”, now everybody knows Microsoft unveiled their new tablet on this event, they call the new tablet ‘Surface’ .

Microsoft announced again they are not only software company, but also they can make hardware products such as Kinect, XBox. now they have Surface.


The Surface tablet has different hardware material and design, also different software of course – Windows 8.

The new design:

Kickstand: a stand is integral. it is built in the Surface.


A cover with multitouch trackpad Keyboard


New material: Magnesium.

Surface is the first PC with a magnesium case.

Microsoft is building the official Surface website in (By the way, there are some domain names were registered by Microsoft and other people. such as,,…)

Currently you can watch the introduction video and pictures gallery.

Maybe the time is not enough, current video is hosted on Google’s YouTube Smile



Let’s waiting for more information from