Microsoft is making their own Windows Phone 8 ?

There are several media reported today: Microsoft might be building their own brand Windows Phone 8, and the new phones might be released before July 2013.

Actually, for us, this kind of news should NOT be a “surprised” news, because Microsoft has already announced they are building their own tablet – Surface. the tablet is kind of mobile device, so why can not they make smaller mobile device – smart phone ?

Before, Microsoft might want their phone partner Nokia to expand their mobile market via provide financial support and tech support, using Windows Phone platform, however, Nokia seems does not have capability to help Microsoft’s mobile system. That might be the reason Microsoft seems make more relationship with other phone makes, such as HTC.


For consumers, Microsoft band Windows phone has not clear idea currently, because nobody know how Microsoft mobile device making, even the XBox device is nice, but who can say Microsoft Windows phone device is better than Nokia phone ? But maybe we can wait and see how the Surface, if Surface is ok, then we should not doubt Microsoft phone device.