Just Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 7 SP1

Seems Windows 7 SP1 released in Feb 2011, but we never upgraded Windows 7 until today. The first reason is we wanted to try Windows 7 before since we upgraded system from Windows XP. We did not know how we can familiar with Windows 7, also we did not know how our old program or application can work on Windows 7; the second reason is we don’t know how the Windows 7 SP1 version, we were worried about SP1 might cause lots of problem just like some SP1 version of some system.

Today, we saw there were more and more update messages in our Windows 7 update management interface. so we decided to update the system.

First, Please remember backup your current Windows 7 !


Then, just update, the update management program downloaded all update package firstly, then update the system automatically, but you have to wait at least 1 hour especially for the Windows 7 SP1 update process.