James Whittaker: Why I left Google

James Whittaker left from Microsoft to Google in 2009, now he left from Google to Microsoft.

Who is James Whittaker?

Let’s read a blog written in 2009:

James Whittaker joins Google
Tuesday, June 02, 2009 3:34 PM

By Patrick Copeland

I’m excited to announce that James Whittaker has joined us as our newest Test Director at Google.

James comes to us most recently from Microsoft. He has spent his career focusing on testing, building high quality products, and designing tools and process at the industrial scale. In the not so distant past, he was a professor of computer science at Florida Tech where he taught an entire software testing curriculum and issued computer science degrees with a minor in testing (something we need more schools to do). ……. At Microsoft he wrote a popular blog, …

He has trained thousands of testers worldwide. He’s also written set of books in the How to Break Software series. They have won awards and achieved best seller status. His most recent book is on exploratory testing is coming out this summer. ….

Join me in welcoming James to Google!

This blog was still in here, you can read full content.


The world is changing fast. Today, 2012 March 13, people read Mr. James Whittaker’s blog on Microsoft site again, and the title is “Why I left Google”:

The Google I was passionate about was a technology company that empowered its employees to innovate. The Google I left was an advertising company with a single corporate-mandated focus.

The old Google made a fortune on ads because they had good content. It was like TV used to be: make the best show and you get the most ad revenue from commercials. The new Google seems more focused on the commercials themselves.

The old Google was a great place to work. The new one?